Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Santa Baby

Who says we old gals can't be sexy? Eartha Kitt performs one of my favorite Christmas songs with just as much class and style as she did when she made it a hit back in 1953 when I was a mere girl of six! At the time of this video (2006), she was 79. I don't know if she's had work done but if she's taken care of her body as well as she's taken care of her voice, I kind of doubt it. What a gal!!! When y'all see who's in the audience and the look on his face, you'll giggle.

Happy Blogging!!!



  1. Thanks so much for posting this!!!

  2. I LOVE IT! I have always thought Eartha was wonderful -- absolutely the best Cat Women ever too!!

    As a trained singer, she is an athlete, and she has obviously kept in "fighting form"!

    Thanks for sharing (and the audience shot was great for a laugh too!)

  3. Marty: You're welcome!!! She is a favorite of mine.

    Bev: I agree!!!!! How many of the divas of our youth sound and look awful because they weren't a "businesswoman" with their voice?

  4. She's been one of my faves for years! The look on GW's face was, as usual (d*mb).

  5. I did not see this before and I loved Eartha Kitt, too. She does look fantastic with or without a face lift. Thanks for sharing this. And your groaner of the week is -- well -- a groaner.

  6. Cat Woman herself!! And, yes, she does look terrific. Can you believe I didn't know she is the singer of that famous song? Thanks for sharing, Kay!

  7. Eartha...what a hoot. She looks great! Thanks Kay...I loved it.

  8. Judy: Mine, too!!! And yeah he looked dumb but was totally enthralled with her.

    Amy: The reason I don't think she's had work done is her legs are still phenomenal! There's a lady who's been taking care of herself.

    Joy: I thought it wonderfully fun and oh so cool, too.

    What I wanna know is why aren't the guys here drooling? lol


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