Tuesday, September 04, 2007

After Labor Day Thoughts

This Labor day left me kind of melancholy. I spent the day mostly alone until my young friend Emily came over for supper. We chowed down on pulled BBQ pork sandwiches and potato salad. I cheated -- I bought it all at my grocer's deli but it was really good! Emily stayed for a while after supper and we watched The Closer and Amazing Grace which we're both addicted to and agree that if God decides to send either of us an angel, we want Earl! I went through a box of old photos and had Em laughing as I tossed her pictures of her mom and dad from long ago when we were young and foolish and kids were mere twinkles in our eyes.

* I was gratified that y'all have given such a great, supportive response to The Friday Groaner idea. And the queue for it is growing. Good stuff, huh? I think we'll all have fun with this! Y'all can start sending me groaners anytime. I'd like to stay ahead on this if possible and I can't wait to see what you're going to be sharing with us. As I said, the one submitted for the premiere of this feature on Friday is absolutely terrific!

* The attack of melancholia had a reason. I think y'all may have noticed that I haven't mentioned The Man in a while. He ended our relationship earlier this summer over something I said and I can't even tell you what it was. Five years of friendship and over a year as a couple -- gone in one sentence. Seems to me there's something wrong in that. The funny part is I saw it coming. He'd become more and more critical of me and when I returned from Michigan in May, I knew somehow that I wouldn't be going back. As usual, I guess I'm not perfect enough. It's all right. I am okay with it. I guess I'm just not good at relationships. It was just odd being alone on a holiday because we always spent them together and I got used to it.

* I had some news the other day that could have a positive effect on my future and I might get to be a hillbilly beach bum yet! I have to ask some more questions and you can bet I will!

Hope y'all had a great holiday!!!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!



  1. I watch SAVING GRACE, too, and I think it is a winderfdul show...And I agree...I hope God sends me Earl, too!

    It is so beastly hot here even in my house that when I move around my chest hurts and I persire...It's Enough!

  2. Anonymous7:08 AM

    I sometimes think what I would do, if I found that I had to spend more time alone and less with my family...one never knows what life will throw our way. But I like myself and I think I would make myself good company even if that happened.


  3. OLOTH: I understand. We had a hot spell here and I don't have AC! It wasn't fun! I was showering a couple times a day.

    Tabor: Since I left my husband almost 9 years ago and my kids live out of state I am pretty much alone and I've gotten quite used to my own company and mostly I like it. I've also come to the conclusion that I'm probably better off that way.

  4. I wonder from time to time just what I'm doing in the relationship I'm in, but we've been together for almost 40 years in one way or another, and short of moving in with a newly married daughter, I've got no where to go as I have no income.....at least it isn't that I'm physically abused, so it could be WAY worse.....

    Hang in there Kay, there are lots of other things to do besides with a man!!

  5. Sorry to hear about end of relationship, but so glad you're OK with it. At some point in most of our lives, we don't need the hassle of it.

    Hillbilly beach bum? Now this sounds interesting...

  6. Kay,
    I hate Labor Day Week-end because ten years ago my husband died of a heart attack on the same day as Princess Diane, which was the Friday evening preceding the holiday.

    Over the Labor Day week-end,I found myself listening to stupid TV reporters asking the question "and where were you when Princess Di passed on?" or the reporter at the Memorial Service who commented in awe, "Who else but Princess Diane would be remembered in such a loving way ten years after their death."

    Both times I wanted to scream at the TV screen! but I have remarried and felt it would be inappropriate to do so in front of Bob.

    Bob and I married six years ago. Since we both lost spouses, we know how sad the days can be, but still I did not want to say too much. So here I am pouring out my heart in your comment section because I sense you are a very good listener and will understand.

  7. Oh Kay, sorry to hear that your relationship with your "Man" is over.

    Breaking up is hard to do but from what I know about you, it will take time but you'll be fine.

    One door closes and another door opens.

    I wish you the best.

  8. Bev: I understand completely. Some day I'm going to write a blog about how Kay got to be the Kay. Email me if you want to vent.

    Winston: You are so very right! And yeah, I'm definitely okay. As to the beach bum thing, it might just happen! Hallelujah and Amen!!!

    Maria: Oh my! I do understand and anytime you need to vent there's an email addy over in the sidebar and don't hesitate to use it! I can only imagine how dreadful that must be with all that coverage picking at an old wound. I'm sure Bob understands but it's nice that you're considerate of him. Tells me what special lady you are!

    Millie: You are, as always, a darling! I am surprisingly fine fine with it. Just get a little melancholy now and then. I think God has other plans for me, too. Taking a shot at being a hillbilly beach bum sounds like a start and if things go well, I might even head up your way! On that part, y'all better pray! And now I have to go get some more "shvartz kave."
    See? I'm practicing my Yiddsh!
    Not bad, huh?

  9. Sounds like you're coping well with your life change -- most of the time. :-) Hang in there! Millie said it right, "One door closes, and another one opens."

  10. Joared -- I didn't at first but, that's normal for me. What surprised me was that I handled it reasonably well. Then again, I felt it coming and I think I subconsciously prepared myself.

    Someone here just told me that I'd find someone else. I answered, "Who's looking?" and I'm not. I'm pretty used to being on my own after 9 years and am making probably going to stay that way. Knights in shining armor are in short supply. lol

  11. Ah, men.

    What a subject!

    I am truly fortunate. Thanks to a very brave move on my part, I have found a real partner and friend. We go together like "peas and carrots" to quote Forrest Gump. I know that relationships like ours are one in a million, and it really is a roll of the dice, isn't it?

    Sounds like you have a healthy attitude, and who knows lies ahead? Being happy is always an elusive little bugger, but occasionally we get it right, be it with or without a partner in life.

    Hang tough, lady.


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