Friday, October 13, 2006

Friday the 13th's Cranky Thoughts

Today is Friday the 13th. I don't know about you, gentle bloggers but, in my not so humble opinion, but I've had plenty of days when Thursday the 19th or Tuesday the 10th or whatever day one chooses met Friday the 13th's reputation. To me, Friday the 13th is just another day in paradise and the perfect end to a perfect week. And if you didn't see my tongue planted firmly in my cheek with that statement, it's okay. Ronni Bennett at Time Goes By may be the Crabby Old Lady but the Kay is the Cranky Old Broad. lol And this Cranky Old Broad has few more cranky thoughts to vent and share. Y'all might decide it's your bad luck to be reading them on this Friday the 13th! lol And, quite frankly, if that's the worst thing that happens to you today, I'm happy for you!

* Why do so-called adults still maintain a high school mentality? And why do other so called adults feel compelled to enable that behavior? My take is you make your choices and mistakes and live with the consequences. Yeah . . . consequences -- you know -- that thing that hardly anyone considers before doing ill-advised things these days -- and then whines about it when they suffer them. I'm not throwing stones -- I'm no angel on this one -- but my days of not listening to Jiminy Cricket are pretty much over.

* Has anyone, besides me, when watching the news clips of Hezbollah marching,
expect them to shout "Heil Hitler!" when they give their salute? The black shirts and the (what I call) Nazi salute really give me pause to think. And after well over five decades on the planet, I've learned that if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck . . . there's a damn good possibility that it's a duck!

* As the November election approaches, I'm getting more and more inclined to think that we need to throw all of the bums out and start from scratch. I've never seen such filthy politicking! I'd like to hear each of these clowns define the word 'honor' without a dictionary for assistance (or an aide to look it up for them). Oh yeah, and get rid of the lobbyists -- let the Congress critters live on their nice salaries without perks and bonuses from big business.

* Whatever happened to "ladies first" and "elders first"? 'Nuff said!

* Is it just me or is the weather getting weirder? We have a prediction of snow today here in Ohio. I know this is the home of bad weather but even we don't get snow before November and it usually isn't in the 30s this early! Makes you wonder about global warming, doesn't it?

* Is the population of control freaks burgeoning? I'm about up to here (and I'm 5'10") with people who expect me to explain everything I do (or don't do) and guilt me if I choose not to comply. Is "It's none of your business.", an obsolete sentence?

* Does anyone else find that Britney Spears' whining about the paparazzi hassling her as not ringing quite true? One week she's in tears over their intrusions on Entertainment Tonight and the next week she's nude in Vanity Fair? If I didn't want the press bothering me, I'd work on boring them to death so they'd go away. If reporters have nothing to write about they lose interest or am I missing something here?

* Don't parents pay attention to their kids anymore? The rash of threats and actual killings in our schools tells me that we can't legislate a cure fir this because it starts at home. Recalling Columbine, I want to know what sort of parents don't notice the purchases of weapons on their credit cards? What sort of parents don't see that their child is angry or hurting?

* And I truly hope there's a special place in Hell for Charles Roberts, the man who did the killings in the Amish school in Pennsylvania. I live in an area where there are many Amish families nearby and a gentler people doesn't exist. That the grandfather of one of the victims was overheard counseling his family to forgive the perpetrator
makes his crime even more heinous in my mind. I'm having trouble reminding myself that I believe in a gracious and forgiving God who has already forgiven Mr. Roberts. It may take a bit longer for a lot of us to forgive him.

Okay -- enough! And now I'll shut up and revert to my normal (?), sweet, lovable, crazy self! HA!

Y'all have a great day and as always,

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Hi, Cranky, that wasn't so bad. I definitely agree with you about the guy who shot the Amish girls.

  2. Well, you have quite a list here Cranky Kay...very interesting and all warrant your ire....especially the school killings. You give us food for thought.

    And, YES...the weather is definitely getting weirder...EVERYWHERE! Yesterday ChiTown had some snow flurries throughout the day...big flakes...and then the sun came out every time... like it never happened. Weird!!

  3. Thanks, Rhea & Joy! May a gracious God bless you both if He hasn't already! It's part & parel of why I love ya! I promise there will be new stuff soon!

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