Friday, October 06, 2006

Questions for Y'all

The picture of me above is me thinking. Yeah, I know it isn't a Rodin image but you wouldn't want to see me starkers anyway (l0l) & at this moment I fear Blogger Dashboard has struck again and it isn't gonna appear. Why do I have so much trouble adding clip art and photos to my blog? Half the time I can't add a photo or whatever to my blog and I find that frustrating.

I'm working on my blog today and a batch of questions has arisen soooooooo I thought I'd ask all y'all to help me find some answers that don't seem apparent on Blogger Dashboard. I have a running battle with those people. Their idea of help is, at times, very much at odds with mine!

I just took the tour for
Blogger Beta. I was interested in some of the features but the skeptic in me and my experience with new techonology is that just 'cause they tell you it's the latest and greatest, it doesn't mean it is! This old gal has been sold a pig in a poke more than once so I'm asking y'all, gentle bloggers, to let me know what you know!

Could someone explain this feed thingy they keep talking about hither than yon? From what I've been reading, there are various and sundry types. Do I need/want it? Why? Is it beneficial to me and my readership? Enquiring minds want to know!

If I find a button I like and want on my blog (e.g., I support BlogHer), can I just copy and paste into my template?

Thanks for reading -- I hope someone out there can help and if not perhaps my lack of knowledge of technology will give a giggle or two.

Oh!!!! I'm proud of my self! I FINALLY figured out how to do links in a post properly! All was not lost today! Hallelujah!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Anonymous7:26 PM

    Really weird I just had a rather long reply typed in comments and poof it disappeared.
    I did make the switch to blogger beta just recently. It wasn't as painful as you might think. Although now with this latest snag maybe not. Never the less I did it and can't go back.
    Some things are MUCH easier if you new to this. I've been blogging for years and still get confused on how to do things properly. Always copy your template before changing anything in regards to it. Then have fun you can always go back to it. I've made that mistake more times than I care to remember, then spend hours trying to fix it back. It's all in fun anyway and I've learned so much. I'd say go for with beta. The blogger help section has very detailed instructions on how to do just about anything you want. Hope you find this helpful.


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