Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sniffling on Sunday Thoughts

My cold is still very much with me but I'll be on the phone to Dr. Maria in the morning. I hate to bother her on her days of and, since my surgery isn't until the 28th, I'm not gonna bother her.

* I took stuff over to the ex yesterday and he asked me to stay to dinner. He likes to cook and knows how awful I am about cooking these days.

* I'm really proud of my son the coach. His teams did well at the NAIA national swim meet with his girls finishing 6th and the guys finishing 8th. Since University of the Cumberlands is one of that smallest schools in the conference, that was pretty good but he is used to "small but mighty". When he was in college, his college was the smallest in NCAA Division II and he and three other guys finished 4th at Nationals. I've no doubt that next year his kids will do even better. That recruiting is one one of his strong points helps a lot. Now that the season is over, he'll have time more time for Jen and the boys and I'm sure they are delighted. Who knows? They might even have time for a trip to Ohio or Illinois! Then again, recruiting for next season is always important and time-consuming.

* Bill Moyers had an excellent interview with David Stockman, architect of the Reagan Revolution, on "Crony Capitalism". It really an eye-opener and exposes what needs to be done with the casino created by the banksters. It's rather long but well worth your time. Here's a two minute clip that says a lot:

* I'm making some really cute little needlepoint Easter Baskets for Gracie and Ana Michelle. I'm one of those people who simply cannot just sit and watch television without having busy hands. If I remember, I'll take photos for y'all.

* One of my next projects will be some much-needed blog housekeeping. And no, I'm not 'upgrading' to Blogger's new interface. I tried it and that lasted about five minutes. I really hate it so I'm sticking with what I have as long as I can but will be considering/exploring other options if I'm forced to do so.

* I'm in music mode today and hauled out the oldies. This 1968 goodie brings back memories of my misspent youth, slow dancin' and a really great summer! Sigh. Enjoy!

Have a great day!!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!



  1. Anonymous4:55 PM

    It is wonderful that you and your ex are on good enough terms that you watch out for one another. Good for you! The world could use more civility such as you two display.

    Thanks for the videos. It's been a while since I've heard Little Green Apples - and I could not have told you who had recorded it. Our kids were 9 and 6 in 1968 - the year that we had a built, and moved into, a new house. The previous two houses, we had been able to occupy for only 20 months and 14 months. It was a good year.
    Cop Car

  2. Nice to hear about your son the coach,Kay.I hope his swimmers continue to do well. I don't see the point in Bloggers new interface.I'm stickin with the present one.

  3. Good luck to your son and his team Kay....that's very cool. Take care of that cold...they seem to stick with us forever sometimes. OMG...Little Green there's a blast from the past. Have a good week sweetie... ~Joy

  4. Glad you're getting over your cold with some more recovery time until your surgery. Congrats to your son and his rightfully proud Mom.

    Yeah, I liked that Moyers interview also, and continue to be disgusted with the crony capitalism. My MIL constantly had her fingers going whenever she sat down -- made some lovely creations. Yours sound pretty neat, too.

    Glad to hear your view of the new Blogger interface -- leaves me less interested in trying it. I'm long overdue for computer housekeeping, and everything related to my blog. Have to do income taxes now. Yeah, mood music has always been enjoyable for me.

    BTW thanks for your recent comments at my ATW blog, but I'd welcome your revisiting and reading my response.

  5. Anonymous7:39 PM

    The sound on my computer isn't working right now, but I love Moyers. My husband had heard a piece he did a few weeks back, and hasn't stopped talking about it.
    You take care of yourself. There is a lot of bad crud going around here. Hope you feel better soon.
    Is it the new interface on blogger that makes it so that I am not able to leave comments from wordpress? I am having a lot of problems with it on many blogger blogs.

  6. I like your current format. It is easier to read than mine. Wonder if I could figure out how to do something like this on Type Pad.


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