Saturday, January 14, 2012

Quick Post -- Still Buried!!!!

I'm still buried with stuff -- bureaucracy dictates that I do so despite my inclination that I'm too depressed and too tired to do anything. Oh well! Oh well. It's finally snowing in Ohio. Snow is pretty but no fun for driving. Sigh. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

If you haven't seen this two minute video, it's pretty much describes what happened in my city and others in NE Ohio during the past twenty years. Yes, this you-know-what has been going on that long. And it's affected all of us in one way or another.

It's a cold day in hell when when I applaud Newt Gringrich but even a stopped clock is right twice a day and he does it in a mere 45 seconds as he rips Mitt "Corporatiions Are People" Romney.

I'm also mad as hell at YouTube for messing up what was once an easy to navigate and user-friendlly site. They and others -- like Blogger whose new interface is a piece of crap -- are doing all sorts of unwarranted "improvements" that make it less palatable to participate. If it ain't broke, don't fix it! AND I resent that everyone is falling for the Facebook crap which whether you know it or not is making that snotty brat richer and richer.

Rant mode off! I'll be back eventually!!!

Happy Blogging!!!



  1. I just closed my Facebook page. Again. For what I hope is the very last time!
    I would switch to WordPress except that I don't know how to keep followers and those I follow updates.

  2. Hey, rant away, Kay. You only say what the rest of us are thinking (or sometimes saying in other words.) I agree on Gingrich and would Perry to that. He noted that Romney was more of a Vulture Capitalist than a Venture Capitalist. I wonder where the line between the two should be drawn. I also noticed that the Repthuglican establishment has come down on them like a ton of bricks and they have shut up on those points. Sounds like they are getting behind Mittens, as Susie Madrak calls him.

  3. Keep 'em coming, Kay. Everyone has to keep their eyes and ears wide open now. Remember that old typing lesson when you were learning in school? "now is the time for all good (wo)men to come to the aid of the country." And the best thing about that snow is, it melts eventually! Keep on the funny side!

  4. I had the same problem with Wordpress that Rubye Jack mentioned. Both blog sites have their plus and minuses, but I get more traffic on Blogspot.

    Those "improvements" drive me crazy too.

    By the way, you do read Margaret and Helen's blog don't you? I think you'd enjoy it.

  5. Please don't turn your rant mode off.

  6. I hate Facebook
    I started a page and then never went there, it was all so ridiculous

    I agree about Youtube, like it better before

    hope the crap you're buried under gets lighter and lighter

  7. Rant one for me, friend! Rubye Jack's new page looks marvelous in the new Blogger Dynamic View. I'm quaking in my wellies about making a change back home, but the new Threaded Comments option, which I crave, is not working well with my custom domain. Make me some work, why dontcha, Blogger!

    And I wish I had you with me in SC right now; we could be having a Rant Rave over the ads that are running on local teevee.

  8. Anonymous10:04 AM

    MaryC--Although the immediate results of company takeovers aren't always pretty, in the long run, where would America be without venture capitalists? My understanding from what I've read and heard is that Mr Romney wasn't really the ogre he is being painted - at least - not on that score.
    Cop Car

  9. We switched from MSN to Google services. Things were better. Or they were, until Google started "improving the services." The more improvements they make, the messier it gets.

  10. Rant away, I agree with everything you said!!!!!
    Mary has the right word 'Vulture', that's what he and his people are!

  11. Anonymous10:33 PM

    I know how you feel. I also get really upset when I hear of the bureaucracy not acting in the best interest of the people. I became infuriated when I heard Mayor Bloomberg's "State of the City" address and went on to continually attack teachers. However, I managed to find some positive social justice events in the world that needed to be give hope for us all.

    PS I figured out why no one was able to leave comments on Sweet Girl Reflections. I have it set for members only, my little way of moderating the blog.

  12. I have very little data on my Facebook -- have limited it to only family (most don't even have accounts) and a couple old classmates who found me there. I only visit my FB erratically every few months, don't go around writing on others pages.

    Obviously I'm not a FB fan. Have also been very displeased with Google's search "improvement" made many months ago -- choices provided were previously better on most topics.


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