Sunday, January 08, 2012

It's My Blogoversary!!!!

Six years and 1,299 posts ago I gave birth to this adventure due to my long-time 'Net friend Hal, aka AQ, who blogs at The Way I See It and encouraged and helped me to get started in a new addiction. Like all births it's been been interesting, painful, fulfilling, and frustrating -- sometimes all at once -- and always a great learning experience. (Oh no!!! Not another learning experience!!!!)

The best gift I received was that of friendship. All y'all who read here -- regularly or otherwise -- are ever so dear to me and I appreciate that. You have educated me in oh so many ways.

A special thanks to Ronni Bennett who made me an Elderblogger early in my journey here because it really enriched my life, and through it, I had the honor privilege of meeting so many of you here or in the "real world"! You have educated me, entertained me, sometimes astounded me, and have been an invaluable source of support on the rocky path of life."Thank you" seems an inadequate response to all y'all have given me, but it fits better than anything else I can think of at the moment.

Here's one of my favorite oldies -- from my misspent youth (of course) -- that says a lot of what I feel toward y'all!!! It's a fairly new one and he has a lot less hair (and so do I!) but he sure still can sing.

What's next?  Heck if I know!!!  I'll just keep on wandering -- and writing -- as long as I can!!! 

Again, thanks!!!! Here's to another year!!!!! Consider yourselves hugged!!! AND, in the words of the late, great Cab Calloway: I love you madly!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!



  1. Happy Blogiversary! I hope you keep blogging for a long time to come.

  2. Betty: Thank you!!! I hope that you do, too!

  3. Kay, I really think it's an accomplishment to have been writing so long, and to have continued to write with passion and honesty. Congratulations!

  4. Lorna: Accomplishment or crazy? LOL I'm just glad y'all keep coming by!!!

  5. Kay, my dear, heartiest congratulations! Here's to six times six more years.

  6. May you continue to entertain and enlighten us for many years to come!

  7. Happy BlogBirthday!!
    I hope you keep on keeping on girl
    you make me smile
    and you make me happy knowing there are still progressive thinkers out there

  8. Having barely passed the one year mark myself, I know how much effort, commitment and brain power goes into this. But, yeah, it does become kind of an addiction, doesn't it? Anyway, congrats to you ... and keep it comin'!

  9. Anonymous9:39 AM

    Kay--A big "Thank you!" for your contributions to the blogosphere, and happy blogoversary!
    Cop Car

  10. happy blogoversary from the philippines!!!

  11. Happy blogiversary and hope for many more to come.

  12. Hugging you back, Kay! Congratulations! 6 years? Wow! I hope I last 6 years.

  13. Congratulations, I started last April after our Governor tried to fight the Unions, and I was furious. With everything going on in the world, there are times that a person just can't keep quiet.

  14. 1299 posts in six years! I'm impressed, but doubt I'll ever reach that potential. My posts for approximately 5 years more or less is less than 700! I understand and appreciate your frustrations; I'll bet I suffer much of the same questions that probably plague you. I'm always glad to see you there plugging away whether it's political or funny. Glad to count on you and know you can count on me to lend an ear.

  15. Just want to add: here's to another six years! Salute!

  16. Congratulations... great going... keep up the good work...
    I will celebrate my 7th in March... and each year for the past 2.. I have question if I should continue.. and just about the time I think I should give it up. all kinds of thoughts come. lol
    So if you question should you continue>? the answer is HELL YES.. !!!

  17. You with a misspent youth? I don't believe it. And a big congratulations to you.

  18. Happy Blog-annniversary (blogaversary?) and many, many more!

  19. Anonymous5:34 PM

    Had to come over to say Happy Blog Anniversary to you. I so appreciate your blog, and your point of view on this world. Enjoy many more years of blogging!

  20. Congrats Kay--I Loved your Blog the second I set eyes on it. You have truly enriched and supported me and for that I am eternally grateful!



  21. Happy Blogiversary. You have a blog I always read and hope you'll be doing it many more years.

  22. Nice writing there - an huge congratulations. You give me inspiration. Six years??!! Wow.

  23. HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY, My Dear....! I hope you will keep blogging for another 60 years....!!

  24. Congrats! Keep those great groaners and all the other good stuff coming.

  25. Oh no....I'm a day late. Happy Blogiversary Kay. We've been blogging buddies for a long time. It was good to chat with you a while ago over the always make me laugh with your honesty and humor. I hope you have many more blogging days ahead of you sweetie...we enjoy what you have to say.

    Love James Taylor....always. ~Joy xo

  26. Happy, happy blogiversary :)
    you enriched my life by befriending me, thank you :)

  27. Snow: Thanks!!! You are sweet!

    Colleen: Thanks!!!! I just pass on what I enjoy and think makes sense.

    Dianne: I try. I refuse to associate myself with any party that gives validity of the Tea Party! Thanks!!!

    Sightings: I don't know about addiction because I'm an inveterate scribbler but I hope you keep blogging as I love your blog and am glad you come by.

    Jams: Thanks!!! Always glad to have you come by!

    CC: Thank you!!! I try.

    Teena: What a sweetie you are!!!

    Rence: Thanks from across the big lake!!! I love your smile, young man!

    Mary: Aw shucks!!!!

    Kay: I hope you're still around -- I'm getting well-traveled by proxy from your blog!

    MIO: Thanks! I'm so glad to meet another KSU alum and applaud your standing up for us Ohioans in these tough times.

    Alice: Quantity isn't quality and God knows the GOTW ain't rocket science. I love your blog!

    Cis: Cool!!!! I'll be by with congrats!!!!

    Mage: Yeah, me!!!! Canonization is not in my future. LOL

    Mercyn: Thanks!!!

    AITBR: AWWWWW shucks!! You are a sweetie!!!

    John: Thanks a bunch!!! I like your blog, too!

    Rain: You are a true friend!! Hugs!!!!

    Leslie: Thanks!!! I haven't decided if I'm crazy yet but as it stands I'm still here.

    Naomi: 60 years!!! Blogging at 125? What a concept. You are so sweet!

    Dick: Thanks!!! I'm gonna try!!!!

  28. Happy celebrating your Blogoversary which should surely last longer than just one day!

    Will look forward to more of your writing -- keeping me up to date on OSU's Buckeyes and the goin's on in Ohio this election year. Wondering what, if anything, OccupyW.S. may be doing there as I'm hoping they'll continue pursuing issues and can make a difference.

  29. Happy celebrating your Blogoversary which should surely last longer than just one day!

    Will look forward to more of your writing -- keeping me up to date on OSU's Buckeyes and the goin's on in Ohio this election year. Wondering what, if anything, OccupyW.S. may be doing there as I'm hoping they'll continue pursuing issues and can make a difference.

  30. How did I miss this??? A belated Happy Blogoversary, Kay. You do know blog years are like dog years, don't you? So actually you have been writing for 42 years! Quite an accomplishment. :)

    Happy Blog Day, Kay!


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