Saturday, December 03, 2011

Update and Food for Thought

Here are the 'highlights' of what's landed in my email the past week or so and an update on Jeff.

* Jeff is doing well after bypass surgery and will be coming home -- probably tomorrow. Isn't it a miracle how the technology of medicine has improved? Shaughnessy and I have been holding down the fort (and he's wearing me out!) and Alec will take care of him with help from me until we figure out how to get Jeff and Shaughn to Florida. Alec asked me if I'd like to come down, too. I was a good girl and said, "No, thank you." A girl's gotta know her limitations.

* Here's Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-Cleveland) with a little over a minute of logical thinking. And people wonder why we love him in Ohio. If you're not angry about the secret bailout of the banksters, here's why you should be:

* Justice Clarence Thomas is about to rule on President Obama's healthcare plan despite that his wife, Ginny is a leading lobbyist for the healthcare industry and they have earned hundreds of thousands of dollars as a result lobbying against the plan. Can you say "conflict of interest"? I knew you could. Now go here to read more and sign that petition to demand that he recuse himself from this case.

And here's my favorite of Ohio's delegation, Marcy Kaptur (D-Toledo) to Congress with about two minutes of good sense on the budget.

* Just a thought: I have had plenty of friends,  male and female, help me when I've gone through difficult times and never was asked to sleep with anyone.  Then again If Gloria Cain believes it didn't happen, she's really in denial. It's one thing to stand by your man; it's another to be naive.  

* Speaking of philanderers, check out Rain's post today on Newt Gringrich here.

Hope y'all are enjoying the weekend!!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!



  1. Thanks for putting a link to that piece, Kay. I hear a lot of Democrats acting as though they hope it will be Gingrich because he'll be easy to beat. I think when the time comes to vote, who knows what people will do. They voted for GW Bush twice. I'd rather Republicans nominated someone with at least a smidgen of honor.

    Too bad on Florida as it would be a nice time of the year to be down there. brrrrrrr up here.

  2. Such astounding political days. I'm enjoying watching the implosions off to the right.

  3. Ohio isn't the only state to have people who love Dennis Kucinich. I have always admired him and his courageous and sensible stands on the issues.

    You have two good representatives in Dennis and Marcy and Arizona has two in Gabrielle Giffords ( she is still our rep) and Raul Grijalva. Our governors are the absolute pits, though.

    Think about not having to shovel Miss Ruby out of snow banks and reconsider Florida.

    I'm glad your friend is doing well after his surgery.

  4. Clarence Thomas has blighted the SCOTUS since we first heard his name.

    And Gingrich really scares me. I agree, we shouldn't take him lightly; he's been perpetrating for so long, he's good at it.

  5. Politics used to be bad, but no one aired the dirty laundry. Now politics is all laundry.

    Why are you bringing Jeff back here just to get him back there?

  6. Glad Jeff is doing well after his surgery. Are you sure you don't want to take a little trip to Florida and warm your bones? Yeah, you were a good girl.

    Newt Gingrich...Mr. Perfect....what a joke...among others. Take care Kay... ~Joy

  7. Well, I hope your life calms down some soon.
    You do have some great politicos in your state. And I admire your activism.

  8. Glad Jeff's surgery went well - he was at one of the best hospitals anywhere.

    Florida might have been a nice change for a bit, but guess there are other considerations besides weather.

    Glad you're on top of Ohio's redistricting efforts. Ours turned out well here in Southern California. Our former Repub. council member was on the commission -- and did a good job. Our long time powerful Rep. Representative David Drier won't have our predominantly Demo. city any more, so we'll see what our new district will be like.

    How exciting Trump is injecting himself into the national political mix -- what a mess.

    "Occupy" is continuing to be active in our city -- earlier protested BofA and Chase.

    Look forward to Buckeyes development for future years. Meanwhile, a UM inlaw happy.

  9. Clarence Thomas still gives me the willies. Cain is like a carbon copy of him (sexually). I'm so disgusted right now that Republicans are leaning toward Newt. Newt?!? Why???


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