Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Random Cranky Thoughts

The late great humorist, Will Rogers,  used to say "All I know is what I read in the papers."  I understand that. Today he would  have to say 'the media' with the advent of all the varied ways we received information. The past week we've seen lots of  things that are simply batsh*t crazy going on in the world and Kay's World has been pretty nutty as well. Needless to say, it's putting my poor damaged brain in an uproar and putting me in Cranky Old Broad mode.

* I have a bright red, shiny new cell phone that does all sorts of crazy stuff that's basically useless as far as I'm concerned and the damned manual might as well be written in Greek.  I don't text. I don't tweet. I don't feel a burning need to check my email on my phone. When I'm traveling, I have a cute lil' Acer notebook and all I have to do is stop at a place with free wi-fi if I feel a burning need for an internet fix which is relatively rare. I love y'all but sometimes I need a break from cyber space. All my cell is for is when I'm not home  calls and the free long distance which comes in handy with so many out-of-town friends and family.

* I'm absolutely thrilled at the implosions in the Herman Cain (sexual harassment) and Rick Perry (drunk/stoned/whatever).  Neither had any interest for me.  Cain demonstrated a profound ignorance before the scandal and Perry gave credence to why Texas Aggie jokes exist.  Either would be a disaster for our stature on the world stage. Y'all can see Perry's embarrassing performance here. Let's just say that the snowball's chance in hell that I'd had of voting for him melted.

* Highlight of my day:  I picked up Gracie from school today so she could attend a neighborhood friend's Halloween party. The downside is I was to help her with homework if needed. I don't understand how they teach math these days so I hope it was okay.

* I saw Dr. Maria last week and we're going to explore some new options for me after she gets a report from Dr. Jody -- who I see on Thursday -- and I think/hope she fixed the ear that keeps clogging up. If not, I'll be seeing a Ear, Nose & Throat guy -- like I don't have enough doctors already. I'll be interested in see/hearing about what the blood work shows as well as the EMG results. God knows it will be something weird. It always is. Sigh.

* Democracy for America sent me a very cool bumper sticker that reads: UNIONS=JOBS which Miss Ruby will wear with pride. Cool, huh?

* I had a weird phone call from polling organization for an unnamed political organization asking me to participate in a survey and in return I would receive a Caribbean cruise courtesy of a contributor to said organization. Bogus, huh? This smacks of dirty tricks to me so I hung up.

* Here's a video -- a lil' over a minute -- from my young friend Lauren who's doing a great job of covering Occupy Columbus. We are Ohio and we are proud!!! Don't forget to vote!!!!!!!!!!

I'll be around to see y'all tomorrow -- I hope!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!



  1. Love the "snowball's chance in hell..melted" line. What is it with Texas politicians anyway...

  2. Hi, Kay. I agree totally with the cell phone assessment. We had a hard time convincing family that the best way to contact us is to phone--don't text (we don't read them), don't get on Facebook (I play but Mom doesn't even get on it anymore). You can e-mail us but we only check the accounts once a day so it may take a while before you get an answer. Also agree on the assessment of the Repthuglican clown parade. I am surprised that the mainstream media hasn't hit the Perry embarrassment but them maybe they can't believe he could be so idiotic. Have a good one and hope those doctors help.

  3. re unions=jobs.In my country the unions have lost their way. They don't try to organize our working poor who really need this instead they are content to get dues from their members who work at high paying jobs with the big corporations.Men like Walter Reuther and John L Lewis would be outraged if they were alive today. I know a bit about this cuz I was a member of a big union for 20 years.

  4. Keep that Perry tape under wraps. He'd be a great opponent for President Barack Obama.

  5. Mercyn: It's a family thing.

    Mary: My phone doesn't own me either -- nor does my computer although some days I wonder! As to Perry, MSNBC nailed him pretty good.

    GFB: We have had the same here until things got so bad as they are now. The unions in Ohio are leading the charge!

    Dick: MSNBC had it and you can bet that Rachel et al had a field day with it!

  6. You must be feeling a little 'cause you're speaking strongly about politics. I hadn't seen that Rick Perry clip, but I didn't see anything more unusual than his usual shtick. He's weird.

    Hope the docs can get better tuned up soon.

  7. There's so much about politics that just gets my blood pressure going so that I don't want to hear about it. But I do. I don't understand why there's still people who believe that it's OK to give the rich tax breaks because of trickle down. The Republicans got us into this mess, but somehow they're supposed to be the solution? Why does anyone think this? Siiiiigh.... I'm going to bed.

  8. I don't think I could have dreamed up or designed a better Republican primary season, do you?

    Hmmm, let's see. We'll have a pizza magnate try to sell his candidacy with numerology and by encouraging smoking. Let's get an Rx-drugged out guy from Texas, who sounds and swaggers like George Bush, to make wild swings between catatonia and mania, finishing him off with a simpering cuddle with a maple syrup sample. And, just for fun, how about if we have the Dominionist Evangelicals try to deny American women their birth control and then get them to attack the Mormon candidates over religion in public debates. And make sure they all genuflect at the altar of Donald Trump.

    Yeah! That's the ticket!

  9. you're failing in crabbiness, but get an A+ for interesting

  10. Fran: Yes, he is weird. What scares me is that some people think he's great.

    Kay: I understand completely. I'm only involved because my life, liberty and income are on the block.

    Nance: And if our society still had any sense, they would have been dismissed before they ever got started.

    Lorna: LOL!!!!

  11. Cranky but proud!

  12. Wonderful, spirited video by Lauren. Sending good thoughts to you, your health, and an energized Ohio electorate!

  13. I'm right there with you regarding the cell phone Kay...less is much better for me these days. I'm not on Facebook either...don't really plan to be.

    Politics? Don't want to think about it right now.

    Hope you feel better and better with each day Kay... ~Joy

  14. as my aunt us to say... if it wasn't for doctor appts. I wouldn't have any social life.. lol...

    cranky? I don't know.. someone has to do it, right? why not you.. lol..
    Hope they help you


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