Sunday, September 04, 2011

Sunday Update

I'm still buried with my current project and at the point it looks like there's no end in sight! If I could type faster, it would help a lot but distractions abound and, as always, life intrudes and creates delays.

So what is this gargantuan project? I'm organizing my collection of books at my The Library Thing site. One of the problems I've encountered is that I was haphazard (read: lazy) when I began the site and didn't enter my books properly so I'm, for all practical purposes, starting from scratch. My dining room/office has stacks of books sorted by author and content waiting to be organized and, as near as I can tell, 514 books have been cataloged and there are at least that many more awaiting their place -- not to mention putting them back on the shelves properly. I now have a stack of a dozen (and growing) books that I haven't read. Sigh. Are we talking addiction here? At any rate it's slowing me down a bit to say the least.

Michelle brought little Ana over Friday night and we discovered that she loves wind chimes. We let her sit on one of my porch chairs and I'd make them ring for her (yes, I'm tall enough to reach them) and kept Ana giggling and smiling while we talked about Michelle's trip to Florida this week (I wish I had a cousin like hers). I'm taking her to the airport at the ungodly hour of 3 a.m. With what she's been through in the past few months, I think a vacation will be good for her. I'm also have pick up duty for Gracie at school on Tuesday -- always fun! And I promised that I'd help Uncle Jeff keep an eye on Bryce while she's away.

On Saturday, I went over to a friend's to watch the Buckeyes with other kindred spirits. We beat the University of Akron 42-0 so it was sort of a yawn. The first two games are always Ohio schools and give these smaller schools some TV time. Next week we play the University of Toledo. Afterward, I headed to the pharmacy to pick up my scrips and the grocery to restock the larder.

Today, I'm back to the books and trying to get some routine housework done as well as getting ready for another busy week. (And more books!) Sigh. However, I am trying mightily to keep up with y'all!

Happy Blogging!!!!



  1. Hi Friend! I am so sorry for not being around--but real life reared it's ugly head. Pray this finds you well, and I promise to try to be a better Blogging Buddy!

    Hugs, and I'm sorry!


  2. I should have done the same with my but I only got a few in and everything else interfered. I'm making it easier for everyone to keep up with my Wintersong, by posting only 2 to 3 each month. The older I get the hurrier I go the behinder I get. Welcome to our world!

  3. Your book project sounds rather interesting. I love to browse through all my books and reread many of them. Your project would take me a year or two. Have fun -- barbara

  4. I'm hoping to see the Buckeyes play Nebraska this year.

  5. John: Life does intrude! No apology needed.

    Alice: Always good to see a post or comment from you!!!!

    Barbara: At the rate I'm going, it will take that long for me, too!

    Ellen: If you can't get it up there, you can get audio from Scarlet and Gray Sports Radio -- just Google it.

  6. This is a noble project, Kay, and one I should do myself.

  7. Whoa that Library Thing looks interesting. I don't know if Canadians will be let in to use it since so many good American sites have the we are sorry sign when my url is detected.....darn.I avoid watching those early beat em ups in college foot ball.

  8. Fran: Noble? No. Necessary? Definitely!

  9. GFB: I'm pretty sure it's international as I've had no problems with entering international authors.


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