Sunday, July 10, 2011

Mea Culpa!! Life intrudes . . .

Life takes some nasty turns and bad things happen to the nicest people. 

I had a call from my neighbor/good friend Michelle's mom, who has also become a good friend, called late Thursday night and she asked me if I would come to get her (she doesn't drive) and take her to Michelle's and gave me a very short reason why.  I, of course, pulled myself together and said, "yes" because she wouldn't ask if it weren't important and saved my questions (Why?) until I saw her. 

As we rode back to the 'hood, she explained a bit more  -- it's a short drive -- of what had happened and I was thoroughly disgusted and appalled and all  but destroyed any faith and trust I have left in my ability to judge someone's character.  The upshot was that Shirley came over later and told  me  more -- adding to my anger.  Michelle came over later after she made sure the kids were asleep (her brother stays with them) and I grabbed glasses  and a bottle of wine and said, "Talk!  It's good for you!" And she did.  It sounded like a story ripped from the tabloids and she was wreck and  we all talked and talked and cried until 5 AM and the result of that was that I slept all day and didn't get a post here.

The good news was that Michelle was doing better yesterday -- she's a very smart young woman and has been through enough to be resilient -- and trying very hard to pull herself together and keep her 'game face' on for the kids. She invited me over for homemade lasagna and I'd never miss that!  I'm sparing y'all the gory details because it isn't my story to tell and too tawdry to share here.  Blessedly, Gracie is away for a few days and Bryce is old enough to understand and little Ana, too young.

And the kicker on all this is that yesterday was her birthday. Life really get nasty sometimes, doesn't it? I've promised to help any way I can and God only knows how messy things will get but I will try to keep up with y'all and my blog.



  1. Anonymous5:11 PM

    Well done, Kay. We can wait while you exercise your good friendliness.
    Cop Car

  2. CC: Thank you! It's just what friends do! And as disappointed I have been by 'friends' when I've had huge ugly problems, I refuse to deny any help to anyone. No one knows better than I how valuable a friend is in a time of crisis so I do what I can.

  3. It sounds like this was an extremely rough time for your friend. It is good you could be there for her.

  4. what Cop Car said.

  5. Judy: Thanks! She and her kids are like family for me. Her mom, in fact, calls me family. Is that sweet or what?

    Linda: Thanks for coming by! It's downright horrendous for her!

  6. You're a very good friend, Kay. Looks like your friend really needed a good friend, too. So sad. I hope things get better.

  7. YOU'RE A GOOD FRIEND, KAY! We should all be so lucky to have you in our neighborhoods....

  8. I am sure your friend felt a lot better after talking with you. Sorry she is having such problems.


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