Thursday, June 02, 2011

This and That

I'm slowly but surely getting things ready so I can get out of town next week. I'm one of those people who thinks she has to leave her house neat so the burglars can find everything. Blame my mother :)

* Today I took a couple hours for pampering and got a manicure, pedicure, and a facial aka 'The Remedy' and it really is good for one's soul. I don't do it often but with everything going up except my SS check, it's how it has to be. Even so, I go to the local beauty college and that saves a lot. 'The Remedy' cost me less than my neighbor Michelle paid for just a pedicure at a salon and she says that her next one will be at the beauty school. Think about it, gals if you need a treat and there's a beauty school nearby.

* Quote of the Week: "It's hard to insult the intelligence of the American people but she's (Sarah Palin) managed to do it!" -- Bill Maher.

* Jon Stewart's return was hysterical on Tuesday. Y'all can see the full episode here. I laughed so hard I cried.

* Lawrence O'Donnell weighed in with some good insights and excellent sense on he calls Sarah Palin's barely legal bus tour and The Young Turks covered it, too. What do y'all think? I think something needs to be done about her antics. Word from Alaska is that all the books coming out about her should destroy her but we'll see.

Okay, I'm all vented out for today. It was a lovely summer day (finally!) in Ohio today. Here's one of my all-time favorite singers (backed up by Louis Armstrong) with one of my all-time favorite songs by my favorite American composer!! Enjoy -- it doesn't get better than this!!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!



  1. You're right---Ella Fitzgerald and Summertime. I wish I'd heard it in the evening though, so I guess I'll be coming back.

  2. I thought I was the only one who cleaned up for the burglars!

    Had not thought of going to a beauty school for anything but a haircut, good tip.

    I find some of the words on Palin's bus very ironic as we are no longer one nation but a nation divided by deep political fault lines. Our freedom has been undermined by the huge gap between rich and poor and justice is something that huge corporations avoid with the help of Congress.
    Palin is using the pledge of allegiance as an advertising tool. How cynical can one get?

    Ahhh, Ella, thank you. :)

  3. Ella's good :)

    Beauty school is a good place. We no longer have one here.

    Palin is giving the comics some good material :)

  4. Oh how I love that Young Turks video. I love that guy and everything he said about Sarah The Media Whore (pardon my language) is so true....brilliant. What I can't figure out is...if what she's doing is SOOO obvious to a lot of us, why isn't it to EVERYONE? Her antics are just disgusting; but I honestly think her flame is burning least I hope so.

    When I go away...I clean up for burglers too Kay. Aren't we thoughtful? Hey, glad you found some time to pamper yourself a's a good feeling. Take care... ~Joy xo

  5. Jon Stewart is great. Well, I wish I had cleaned up better before we went on our previous trip, because it's pretty bad around here and I don't feel like dealing with it.

  6. Just when the weather gets perfect, you are going to leave. :)

  7. You know, the small town girl in me has NEVER had a pedicure, or a manicure or a facial! Isn't that interesting and probably one of the last to have one; oh well!

    I am like you...I love having a clean house and it all in order so when I come home, it feels great to be home.

    Good: Ohio finally has good weather! Hurray! My mom has been waiting! :)
    take good care Kay!

  8. It took 38 seconds to read your blog and an hour to watch the videos - seriously, they were great!!

  9. Anonymous6:32 PM

    Just had my first ever pedicure last weekend. Not all that expensive, actually, but I called around. Never had a facial or manicure, maybe I will have to try those, too.
    Sarah is just one of those things that you will never be able to understand the intelligence of the the Kardashians (?) and trump. They will get their comeuppance, but the question is how much damage can she do in the meantime?

  10. AITBR: I quit my lifelong bad habit of nail-biting 10 years by getting a manicure every week. I don't get one every week anymore but I still don't bite my nails. And the pedicure, etc., for a mood brightener. A spa day beats the hell outta a shrink and is infinitely cheaper.


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