Friday, June 03, 2011

Attention!!! Here's the Bottom Line!

I had other plans for today but I found this over at Political Ruminations and decided it was too important not to share.

Here's the text version if y'all have problems with video:

“Now, recently radio evangelist Harold Camping calculated that the world would end at precisely 6 p.m. on May 21st. Well, he was wrong. But much like Harold Camping’s wildly inaccurate predictions, the House Republicans have come up with their own apocalyptic vision: The Republican Rapture.

It decides, this budget decides, who gets lifted up into the

economic stratosphere and who gets left behind.

Under this scheme, if you are a millionaire or a billionaire, you get raptured, in to heaven, with all of your tax breaks remaining intact. But, if you're grandma, and grandpa, and you're dependent upon Medicare in order to take care of your health care needs, you get moved to Political Purgatory.

That's their plan.

Now, if you're one of the big five oil companies that are reporting record profits, you get raptured, with all of your tax breaks left intact.

In this budget, which we are debating here today, you keep all of your tax breaks. But, if you're a college kid hoping to get a Pell Grant, no, ladies and gentlemen, you are back in Political Purgatory. Your educational future is in question.

Now, if you're an insurance company executive, and you are now really, rapturously happy because of the privatization of Medicare, and the incredibly increased profits for the insurance industry, you're up here in heaven. You get raptured.

This is the budget we're debating right now.

Good news for all these wealthy people....but, if you have Alzheimer's or cancer, and you're hoping to find medical breakthroughs, they're [Republicans] cutting the NIH budget. The National Institute of Hope (Health) budget to find the cure for those diseases. Your hopes and dreams go to Political Purgatory.
And, if you have any hopes at all of having Medicare be saved, well, their budget guarantees that Medicare gets privatized. That Medicare is ended as we know it. And that Medicare budget, that Medicare budget, is completely and totally smashed.

So there's your debate here today, ladies and gentlemen. Are you with billionaires, big insurance, big oil...or are you with grandma, and grandpa, making sure that Medicare remains in intact for the years ahead, honoring the promise that we made to them for giving us this great country that we live in today?

That's the vote today. Vote yes or no on grandma. Vote no on that Republican budget and protect grandma's health care in to the future.” [transcribed by Political Ruminations]

So the bottom line is that we ordinary mortals are doomed if we let the GOP have its way. Let's all tell them that we are not happy about this.

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  1. Good one, Kay. I have thought for some time that we were building a very explosive mixture of rage, politics and religion. Our economics and politics are so thoroughly tainted by religious certainty that disagreement with the received wisdom has become heresy.

  2. At least speaker John Boehner gave him an additional 30 seconds rather than cutting off his enlightening presentation.

    The thing is, do any of these speeches ever change anyone's mind... particularly the Republicans? I seriously doubt it.

    I would hate to be riding in a car with a Republican. If the road sign said "Bridge Out", they would continue driving right off the cliff.

  3. Grandma says, "Thanks."

  4. You already know how I feel about this. Until the Republicans start nominating a different type of person and the shape-shifting Romney sure isn't that other type of person, I can't do anything but work for Democrats and hope Americans finally see the light as to what Republicans are trying to do.

  5. Thanks for sharing that, Kay. I don't think politicians actually care about our happiness. I don't like to be apathetic, but...sometimes it's hard not to be.

  6. Mary: You are so very right!

    Robert: Amazing that. As to change, they are so damned self-righteous that they can't begin to see how wrong they are.I love your bridge analogy.

    Hattie: Grandma say, "You're welcome!"

    Rain: You, as always, are right on!

    Crosby: I agree and I think they have sold their self-righteous, narrow-minded souls to corporations. The worst part is that they hide behind Christianity and desecrate its meaning.

  7. Perfect! And do you notice how pissed the Repubs just got over that lovely older New Hampshire woman in a Bold Progressive ad? She was telling the truth about their anti-Medicare representative! Not nice, they claimed.

  8. Naomi: And we all know that while the truth will set you free, it hurts like hell and the naughty children can't stand it.

  9. the closer it gets to the 2012 elections the more anxious I become about an already precarious future
    the GOP and their lunatic spin-off sitcom the Tea Party are so dangerous and disgusting

  10. Everybody should read this or watch the video. It's clear as bell to me; can't figure out why anyone would buy it--UNLESS THEY'RE RICH!

  11. It's easy to paint the Republicans as a bunch of nitwits, because a lot of them are. But that doesn't solve my problem. My medical insurance rates keep going up, while my actual coverage keeps going down. (Uh, oh, do I sound like an old codger? But I'm sure a lot of people are in the same boat as I am.)

  12. Dianne: I share your pain.

    Alice: Exactly!!! Is there such a word as 'discompassionate'?

    Sightings: The point of posting this to make you aware of what is happening. AND I don't just write/rant here. I make phone calls, write letters and emails, and attend meetings. I am actively fighting back as best I can while others do nothing but complain. My representatives know who I am.

  13. Anonymous12:21 PM

    Kay--How thoughtful of you to realize that some of us really can't play videos and give us the transcript. Thank you!
    Cop Car

  14. CC: You're welcome! Rain gave me a heads up on that so if there's text available, I provide a link or the text if it's available and for this one, I thought it crucial.


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