Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Catching Up Notes!

Today is another day for catching up!  Yesterday was mostly errands although I did get around to see a lot of y'all! If I missed you, you'll prolly see me!

* I saw  Dr. Krishna (hare! hare!) my nice endocrinologist yesterday.  He reduced my meds and said my tests looked good and reminded me that I have an ultrasound at the hospital on Thursday (which I swear I was never received the message/letter) to see if the nodules on my thyroid have grown.   I don't think they have. He still hasn't addressed the tiredness issues that keep me feeling lousy. Then again, neither does anyone else among my legion of doctors. I suspect that if one has decent blood pressure and isn't overweight, one is considered healthy.    

*  The worst thing I discovered when I got home was that I was completely out of coffee!  The worst part was that I discovered it when I needed it most. Yikes!!!  AND I discovered that the price of it was positively outrageous!  Has anyone except me noticed how horribly the price of food has risen?   If the docs thought I wasn't eating right before, it's gonna get worse. Sigh.

*  When I got home, there were a few of those cute solar lights (one was injured which meant the brats next store had been in my yard in my absence -- grrrrr) along the walk leading to my front porch. I checked in with Michelle since I had admired the ones she had acquired recently and I wanted to find out what fresh hell had occurred in the 'hood while I was gone. She said had no idea who put the lights in and proceeded to update me saying that the cops had been out every day while I was gone as bad feelings had exploded between my next door neighbor and the idiots across the street.  I'm tired of my lawn being littered by her brats.  There's no reason to for them to be here. They can't behave, so I don't want them here.

* Weird discovery of the week:  My new lights were courtesy of my ex.  I'd pointed out Michelle's lights and I guess he decided to surprise me.  Maybe if he had been that thoughtful when we were still playing house . . .  I did  thank him like a good girl.

* Good Stuff :  Last night I watched a wonderful documentary from Netflix called  "Founding Fathers" and I learned a lot of new stuff.  It's definitely worth your time.  

* Today is Flag Day.  Show your colors proudly!!!!!  Here's the song it elicited. Feel free to sing along!!!!

Hope y'all are having a great day!

Happy Blogging!



  1. The paper keeps saying gas & food prices are going down. I haven't seen it yet.

    We had kids like that in our neighborhood, they lived in a rental so the landlord finally gave them the heave ho when they destroyed the fire hydrant across the street. Will keep sending you postive thoughts that they leave or change.

    I love the song :) haven't heard it in a long time.

    That was nice of your ex, looks like he's learning how to treat you right :) He's a little slow isn't he,lol

    I don't want to put this in a post but we found out my father in law has cancer. They operate july 5th, they think they can get it all. My husband is holding up pretty good but I can tell he's worried, they are very close. please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

    take care

  2. Prices of everything have soared here. But there is no inflation, we keep hearing. Ha ha.
    I hope the Dr. can find out what is causing your fatigue.
    Of course I don't know whether it really is a condition or if you just push yourself too hard!

  3. I love solar things---we have a swag of lights that look like dragonflies; they run all winter if I move the receptor out from under the snow.

  4. Anonymous5:16 PM

    If you find out what causes the fatigue, please let me know. My meds keep my thyroid levels right, my blood pressure meds keep my level low enough, and still I have to drag myself around.

    I like that your ex is thinking of you. And that you are able to appreciate his gesture.

  5. LTTS: Meeeeeee neither!!! The price of gas is horrifying!

    Hattie: And they wonder why we don't trust them.

    Lorna: I want one!!!!

    AITBR: I've been fighting for this for years and still get no answers.

  6. Kay -- I think you would like the country -- neighbors are far apart but good. Think I will take you up on watching the Founding Fathers. Thanks -- barbara

  7. Surprise, surprise

    10-4 Willy

  8. Sometimes I think my tiredness comes from caffeine depletion! I wonder what life is like without it. The prices go up or the packaging gets smaller...but usually it's both.

  9. I've noticed a little drop in gas prices...but they're still so outrageous that it hurts to fill up.

    I blame the parents for not controlling their kids from running havoc on other people's property. I don't care if it's outside or not...they should be told not to do it.

    It's nice to have a decent relationship with your ex...don't you think? It's so much easier on everyone. Hugs, Joy

  10. I don't know what it is, but I'm having a problem leaving comments on some blogs. I tried last night to leave a comment on your post and it wouldn't accept my Google account information. I'll try again now Kay...

    I've noticed gas prices have gone down a little here; but they're still so outrageous that it hardly makes a difference....still so painful.

    I blame the parents of those kids who run all over everyone else's property wreaking havoc and causing problems. They aren't doing any favors for their kids, themselves...or anyone else.

    It's nice to be on good terms with your ex, isn't it Kay? So much better than the alternative. Hugs, Joy

  11. I certainly have noticed the food prices rising. I get the best prices on produce at Sprouts Market but I get stuff from the 99 Cent Store, too. And, though I don't eat out a lot, I notice the cost of restaurants is also rising.

    Sorry your neighborhood has become so difficult. I remember you had such high hopes when you last moved. But that certainly was nice of your ex to put in those lights for you--without even consulting you. Hmmm. Maybe he is re-thinking what came down all those years ago.

    I hope you got good results from your test today. I'm catching up, as you can see.

  12. Glad you had an enjoyable trip. Our gas dropped a few pennies under $4 but it's still ridiculously high.

    Hope all goes well with your thyroid issues and nodules are stable.


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