Thursday, June 16, 2011

Just a Few Notes

I'm posting late today because it was lab day. I have to get an ultrasound annually to see if the nodules on my thyroid are growing or shrinking. Shrinking is good. If they start growing again, it will mean more doctor visits and assorted other inconvenient nonsense. Keep good thoughts!

* I tripped across this website called Patriotic Millionaires. These guys and gals are not what y'all would expect. They are willing to pay their fair share to help their country and, in their videos and statements, express a sincere desire to make this country better and more economically sound for all Americans.  I'd love to see this list grow so if any of y'all who are reading this qualify, please add your name to the over two hundred millionaires already there.  It's nice to know that not everyone who is rich is consumed by greed.

* Anthony Weiner is resigning.  On one hand, I am glad as his behavior did not befit one serving us in  Congress; on the other, he was on the side of us ordinary folks who need all the help we can get.  He had chutzpah and was fearless in fighting for us -- we need more representatives with that spirit.  The whole sordid ordeal saddens me.  However, I do question why was  Senator John Ensign's sordid behavior was not a huge headline.  And why hasn't Senator Tom Coburn been censured for helping him cover up the whole tawdry mess? 

* Some good news!!!!! Keith Olbermann is back! Here's the announcement:

Hope y'all are having great day!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!



  1. I wonder how I can get Keith O on my present cable? He looks like he'd be worthy of sosme of my time.

  2. I saw that Weiner resigned also. And like you, it makes me sad. "They" wanted him out and now "They" have what they want. If you don't play their game "They" will do anything to get you out. Of course being stupid helps, lol

    Hope your tests come out good :)

  3. I am sending out thoughts for shrinkage! :)

    I'm thrilled that Keith is back and saddened by the whole Anthony Weiner debacle

  4. I watched Weiner's resignation speech this A.M. and wondered what evryone was shouting in the background---I couldn't hear it well enough to discern their words...But, it is sad in a way because he was a "good guy"....Too bad he couldn't see how his personal behavior might destroy all the good things he stood for....To me, that is the truly sad part. He Needs Help!

    Yayyyyy about Keith....I've been reading lots of stuff about him recently and I can't wait for Monday, June 2oth, at 5pm my time, to come...! It will be here in 5 days, counting today....HOORAYYYYYY!

    Keeping my fingers crossed about your Thyroid, my dear.

  5. I'm glad Olbermann is officially soon-to-be-back. As I type this, I bet Weiner is resigning. I just feel bad for his wife and family. Such poor judgment. Power corrupts and all that jazz. Just another day in politics.

  6. So glad Keith is back...I really enjoy him.

    Hoping your thyroid problems shrink into oblivion....sending shrinking vibes....Hugs, Joy

  7. I've heard of the patriotic millionaires. Some of them apparently are smart enough to know the country can't run on fumes and budget cuts.

  8. Will be interested to know how your thyroid nodule ultrasound comes out -- hope they've diminished in size. Are they solid or fluid-filled cysts? Do the largest ones warrant biopsy and have they been?

  9. the "weiner" affair bothers me also...and I agree with you on all counts.... For commenter Lorna, we were glad to find Olberman on one of the lower numbers of our cable lineup (Comcast--pretty sure it's basic calbe)...though we did have to look for it.


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