Saturday, June 04, 2011

My Brain Is Empty

What happens when you go through your e-mail account and your blog list and both are loaded with info? What if both are overflowing with stuff (or insert proper Anglo-Saxon barbarism) Sarah Palin? My first impulse was to go back to bed and yank the covers over my head. Instead, I went out and cleaned out my flower beds and tossed in some seeds and fertilizer. I still couldn't come up with anything to write soooo here's a rerun (hey it's summer!) of a favorite video:

I've always enjoyed Tom Chapin -- bother as an artist and an activist and I came across this awesome video of his that addresses education in this country. It's genuine food for thought.

Happy Blogging



  1. I like Tom Chapin, good video and great song. Hope it catches on :)

  2. Great videos - still chuckling, sort of...
    Did the weed thing today also. They're winning.

  3. Loved that Chapin song, but I sure hope he doesn't drive Sarah off the campaign trail. Just placed my order for a lawn sign:

    PALIN FOR PREZ--Give Stupidity a Chance.

  4. Anonymous10:04 PM

    I've not seen his stuff before. It is great. Thanks for sharing it.

  5. I had not seen either of these video's before...They are terrific!
    Happy Gardening ny dear....!

  6. Rain: Meeeeeeee, too!!!

    Colleen: Yes, they are!

    Dick: I want one, too, but my next door neighbor is GOP and I like him so I'll be good.

    AITBR: Glad you like it!

    Naomi: I'm so glad! It really speaks to the problems with education today.

  7. I confess. I've heard the name Tom Chapin, but I didn't know anything about him. He's great! (Now I sorta hope Sarah runs for Prez, 'cuz I'd really like one of those signs in my yard!)


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