Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Always an Adventure

My focus yesterday was on getting ready for my trip and the errand list was pretty much easy because it all simple: a trip to Dr. Maria for my blood work results and the rest were centered on Miss Ruby: bath, food (aka gas) and an oil change.

We started with a fill up at the gas station where they still pump your gas and wash your windshield -- I was shocked as I hadn't bought gas in over a month and teased the young man by asking if I'd just bought Dom Perignon. The good news is that Ruby gets excellent mileage.

We then headed to the oil change guy who is very reliable and usually fun. All was going smoothly until he tried to start Miss Ruby because he was done. She wouldn't start. Ruby has started every single time since the day I bought her! I was panicking as he looked at her starter and discovered that it was broken and said he could fix it for $200+. More panic and I called Dr. Maria's office to tell them I'd be late. They told me that I'd have to reschedule. Sigh. Will got the work done quickly and I ran over to the bank to get the cash and Ruby and I went home to regroup and worry a bit. My budget is tight at best and still hadn't recovered from the last assault on the exchequer and I had to decide if I really should head up north. A bit of salvation occurred and I decided that I needed to go for my sanity's sake.

So I headed out to pick up some last minute items and Ruby finally got her bath and looks pretty. I just hope she behaves until I can get some cash stashed -- or win the lottery which doesn't seem too likely since I'm told that to win, one must buy a ticket and I don't usually do that. :)

I'm posting some things that I enjoy for the days I'm away .

Happy Blogging!!!!



  1. Hi Kay. We owned a car that was identical to Miss Ruby and we too got excellent mileage.May you and Miss Ruby have many,many more happy miles together.

  2. ruby never seemed like a troublemaker before....

  3. Wow, exciting day! Good luck on your trip, and the next visit to the dr.

  4. Hi Kay: have a good and safe trip. We owned a car identical to Miss Ruby.It too got excellent mileage.

  5. Hope you have a great trip. Probably be good for you to take a break and get away. Sorry you had that unexpected car expense.

    I envy you being able to get your gas pumped, windshield cleaned, etc. Years ago that changed in Calif. and we have to pump our own plus paying high gas prices -- just barely under $4 now. My station sold out to a mini-market replacing auto repair. Then chain I found sold out and haven't found a good place to go to close by since then. Wouldn't you know, just when I reach an age I can really value being waited on.

  6. Road trip! Road trip! Have lots of fun, Kay....and make sure Miss Ruby behaves herself!

  7. Have fun and be safe, Kay!

  8. Anonymous11:14 AM

    And now, I will tweak you as I have occasionally tweeked Hunky Husband. Why do you wash your car before starting your trip instead of upon arrival, by which time it will undoubtedly have accummulated a layer of bugs and dust?
    That is one of my frugalities - not washing a car twice for the same trip. ; )
    Cop Car

  9. Hope you can find the sanity you need.


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