Wednesday, June 08, 2011

A Little Travelin' Music

I love this. I'm a sucker for fancy footwork -- and this sure is fun!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!



  1. The dancers look as if they had a fun time choreographing and dancing the piece.

  2. Hope that means you're on the road, or at least ready for it.

  3. Boy -- if I could dance like that I might loose some weight or become in better shape. -- barbara

  4. Hooray for the chubby chick on the end, front row! She wins on rhythm, grace, and not missing a beat!

  5. Oh yes, very fancy footwork. It sure does look like a lot of fun.

    Happy Blogging to you too!

  6. Just delightful, my toes and soul are tappin. Keep us posted on your travels. :)

  7. Looks like fun :)
    hope you're having a great time and as you can see I got my blog fixed! thanks for all your help and input. Between you, Mary, the blogger staff and my hubby I'm up and blogging again :)

  8. Anonymous10:43 PM

    Hand clapping music and quick steppin' dancers. Hope your traveling is as much fun.

  9. Lia: I agree!!!!

    Lorna: You betcha!!!!

    Barbara: I wish I could, too! Love your photo!

    M.E.: You betcha!!!

    dellgirl: yup!! Reminds me of some of the line-type dances of my misspent youth!

    Mage: Mine, too!!!

    LTTS: Yay!!!!!! Great news!!!

    Genie: Yup!


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