Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bloggus Interruptus

I had a lot of illusions that I was going to get a lot done both here at home and here at my Internet home. Sigh. "The best laid plans of mice and men . . . " and all that rot destroyed such ideas/tasks when I went to check my mail before I went to bed. Wrong! My computer had been invaded but some sort of trash/virus/malware and wouldn't let me do anything. I managed (after much swearing) to do a search and found that I wasn't alone. It's something that's been around a while called Vista Anti-Spyware or a variation and it all but takes over your computer. My anti-virus is in denial that it exists and I had a few choice words for customer service there. Malwarebytes has found and removed it twice so far. There are a couple other sites that have solutions but they are really difficult for a non-techie to understand. When it invades the first thing it does is yank your anti-virus icon and it tells you that there are a gazillion threats to your computer's life, liberty and pursuit of happiness lurking beneath the surface. Just saying no doesn't make it go away -- you have to keep saying it until it subsides. And it blocks you from contacting Microsoft without a struggle. I called the ex and he hadn't a clue as to what to do. "Damn" is the politest word to describe my thoughts on that.

The upshot is that I never got to sleep and, in a short while, I have to go pick up Racy Gracy from school. Michelle has an appointment so Gracy and I get to have a snack and play date. (grin) I need this badly.

Hopefully, I have this mess under control and I can get some sleep eventually but so far it doesn't bode well. Anywayyyy that's the crisis du jour and for now, I'm just waiting to see if it comes back and try to get around to see y'all.

I hope y'all are having a great day!

Happy Blogging!!!!



  1. Mr. kenju had a similar virus/malware and it fried his motherboard. I hope yours is all gone now.

  2. Poor you. There must be a solution but danged if I know what it is. Can you get support from Microsoft?

  3. I have a blinky blue and yellow shield that keeps popping up. I restart my computer and it goes away for a while, but it always comes back. I never never click on it.

  4. What a nightmare on top of everything else.

  5. Knock on wood here, but I have an Apple, and one of the things I like most about it is that I don't even need to buy protective software. Of course, such software IS sold, but I check in the Apple experts every now and then, and they always say don't buy it.

  6. What a nightmare!!! I had those things more than I can say. And I pray you get rid of this ASAP!!!
    Good Luck, my dear Kay.

  7. You have had more than your share of computer woes ,my friend.After Malwarebytes removes the culprit set that as your restore point and the piece of scum shouldn't return.

  8. I've been through a couple of nasty viruses Kay. I hope your misery gets fixed's SO frustrating and stressful. These computers will be the death of us.

  9. what about those "geek" squad services that log onto your PC remotely
    the smaller firms are not that expensive

    sorry you're having so much aggravation

  10. I'm hoping all is well, that you had a great but relaxing time with Gracie and that this weekend is bringing you respite

  11. Anonymous10:40 AM

    Bummer! One of the Red Cross employees fried her motherboard in a similar way. We really have to be viligant in clicking links that come up following a Google (or any other search engine) search.
    Cop Car


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