Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Update and a Couple Thoughts

Many thanks to all y'all for your kindness and support.

I'm trying to figure out why this surgery is draining me so badly; I am exhausted. Maybe I overdid getting ready for my annual inspection (one of the 'joys' of poverty) but it was something I couldn't avoid and I wanted to do it right; maybe the political situation here in Ohio has me scared and upset; and maybe I'm just plain damned tired of of my world (and a pox on those who keep telling me to take Jeff back -- my sign is Aries not this: $.).in any case, I'm trying to feel better and keep up on things around here. Bryce has been a godsend. I'm not allowed to do some things --like lift more than& 20 lbs. -- and he checks in to see what I need regularly.

I actually got dressed up and dragged myself to the symphony Saturday night and am glad I did because it was a lovely performance that marked our conductor's 30th anniversary with us and featured Sibelius and Brahms. Here's a quote from him on his long tenure: "There no good reason for a conductor who cares about music to leave the Canton Symphony Orchestra." I, for one, am delighted that he feels that way.

Ohioans are rallying in Ohio today -- and for the next two days --  as the Ohio House of Representatives considers SB 5 -- the union-busting bill in Ohio that's already passed our Senate thanks to our Governor's evil machinations. You can read more about it here. If I weren't in recovery mode, I'd be in Columbus protesting the evil the GOP is perpetrating this heinous act. AND we'll be rallying again on April 5th!

My favorite senator Sherrod Brown (who stood with Bernie Sanders in his filibuster) explains why our government isn't working on Rachel Maddow:

Thanks again to all y'all for love, loyalty, and support!!!! I treasure each and every one of you!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!



  1. Don't try to figure out why you're tired just go with. Sleep, relax and take it easy, your energy will resurface.

    I must have missed your break up with Jeff. Phooey, sorry it didn't work out.

    Glad you went to the symphony, sounds like you have a wonderful conductor.

    Thank goodness you have someone that checks in on you & helps you with the things you can't do right now :)

  2. LTTS is right - SLEEP!

  3. I have heard the Canton Symphony Orchestra exactly once... a friend and I drove there from Alliance for the concert... and I was in awe. I have never heard another small-city orchestra perform at that high level. Kudos to the conductor, the musicians and of course the community for supporting such an orchestra.

    On another topic... your Senator Sherrod Brown is most impressive... and quite literally right on the money.

    Here's hoping you're feeling restored and refreshed by now!

  4. I'm glad you were able to enjoy the symphony and forget the world and Ohio for a short time.

  5. A second to comment from Looking to the Stars and give yourself a break for goodness sake.

    Thanks for the Rachel Maddow clip. Even though she's supported Obama's latest wrong move on no-fly-zone. US has to get out of war business.

  6. Kay, you may just not bounce back as quickly as you did previously. I think this goes along with the aging process, even though you're years younger than me. I've had to remind myself at times to be a bit more patient with myself and think you might want to do the same for yourself. You're dealing with a lot and obviously frustrated you can't do even more with the Ohio legislation issues.

  7. Sorry you're having a rough time recovering. All the upheaval on the legislative front doesn't help...Ohio AND Congress...for those of us who have to watch our pennies, it is truly scary. Hugs.


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