Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Just In!!!!! I'd rather Be in Columbus . . .

The insanity continues here! Here are a couple very short videos! I think there's an impolite 'technical' term that describes what's happening to us ordinary folks here in Buckeye Land but I'm going to be good and not say it.

Last week the Buckeye Nation (Ohio State) students hit the street in Ohio to protest Governor John Kasich's budget with some lovely creative support!

And the GOP cheats . . .

Happy Blogging!!!!!



  1. Keep those protest marches growing. What is happening to our once great country is beyond insanity.

  2. If we still lived there, Hubby and I would have hit the street with them! And we could give you a place to stay while you're there.

  3. Kay -- and the beat goes on -- barbara

  4. Been following the news on Ohio and thinking of you and others. Latest sounds like Ohio's actions are even more stringent than Wisc. Chaos reigns with no end in sight with other states involved it seems likely.

    Expect more devastating cuts here in Calif. though we're not union busting.

    Hang in there! You and Miss Ruby stay well.


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