Thursday, January 06, 2011

River of Stones 1/6/2011

I finally picked up my new prescription at the pharmacy. I don't take anything that comes with two pages addressing the possibility of suicide. I'm only crazy -- not stupid.

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  1. Anonymous9:10 AM

    Am enjoying your River of Stones. I check your site everyday and I like finding a little tidbit each time. And when you write more I have more to read.
    Do you write more than here? Maybe a private journal, short stories, plays, essays?

  2. I took Prozac some years back, several different times actually, and it has that risk attached but they say what it means is if one is severely depressed, they often feel unable to do anything. The medication enables them to become more active and that lets them do what they should not. I didn't get any suicidal thoughts when I took it; so can't say but it did help my depression but had some side effects I didn't like as in reduced my creative urge and sex drive. Something they later have also included in warnings about it but didn't way back then. When you listen to ads on television for various meds, they all have so many potential side effects that it's a wonder anybody takes them.

    I have been depressed also but cannot lay a finger on exactly what. My ear has been hurting and that might be the cold, doesn't seem to be an infection although I haven't run into the doctor with it. Then I broke off a tooth which means the dentist and a possible crown, hopefully not a root canal too :(. It's just plain gloomy weather to add to a person's woes. The only good thing is we were over the hump and days will be getting longer. It's hard to tell that right now but it is happening.


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