Sunday, December 12, 2010

Over 1,000 Thoughts, Experiences and Rants!!!

Funny how things creep up on a body when one doesn't pay attention! Yesterday when I was editing the day's post, it hit me that somewhere amid my enthusiasm for Bernie Sanders' extended -- to put it mildly -- speech, I had reached 1,000 posts on my blog!!! Wow!!! Should I put up some golden arches?

I am amazed that I'm still here for a variety of reasons:

  • Y'all have been putting up with me for so long and my readership has grown.
  • It's still a mishmash of assorted nonsense.
  • I still haven't got it as organized as I would like it to be.
  • I still don't visit y'all as much as I'd like.

Soooooooo what's next?

  • I'm considering converting to Blogger in draft so I can have various pages for other things I want to share.
  • I want to make a few changes to my template. The 'orange' and funky font bug me.
  • I want to get back to writing on my other blog. A few people have said they want to hear the rest of the story.
  • Redo my blogs list and add some things to my sidebar.

I just hope that I can get organized enough to accomplish at least part these things done.

Many, many thanks to all y'all for your friendship, wisdom, and support in this endeavor -- I couldn't do it without you!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope y'all are having a great day!!!!!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Kay, Congratulations on 1,000 thoughts!
    I seldom comment but I check/read your blog daily. And I note your comments on other blogs. You always have interesting things to say.

    Best of luck on your list of things you want to organize. I don't have a blog but I always have a list of things to organize. Remember that poster "Just as soon as I get organized...". It has a drawing of a woman with glasses on her head as well as on her nose, coffee pot, tea pot, cup, bowl with spoon, books, papers, cat, avocado plant, box of tissues, more papers, pens and paint brushes,quill in hand, wine bottle, wine glass, sandwich, fly swatter. Did I say books and papers? Well whoever drew that must have peeked at me at my desk. Sigh.
    Looks like we are getting that snow they promised here in Ohio. Good time to work on the blog?

  2. Congratulation, Kay!
    Good luck with that organization thing. I, too, have thought that I "should" be more organized (I really admire Ronni's organization and commitment.) but that is just not me. Anyway, thank you for sharing all this time, and please keep it up!

  3. Anonymous10:04 AM

    Congratulations, Kay! And I like your blog format just the way it is. As long as it is readable, what the heck!

  4. Happy 1,000 Posts Kay! That's quite a milestone in our little community...I hope you blog-on for many more posts to come dear friend. Oh cripes....the snow is really falling now. Stay warm and Happy Holidays Kay... Love, Joy

  5. I love your "assorted nonsense!"
    Congrats on reaching 1,000.
    Yay - Kay!

  6. I share many of your concerns list, particularly the first four! When I began my blogging journey I had no idea what I was doing, otherwise I wouldn't feel so needy of redoing things. Good luck with all the things you want to get done--a new year is a great new place to begin.

  7. Gene: You are the best and I wish you commented more. My lists were famous at my house. My kids learned if it that wasn't on 'the list', it didn't get done. I recall that poster -- it's me!!!

    Where are you in Ohio? If I decide to wander in your direction, maybe we could 'do lunch'. While I'm
    not all that fond of snow I try not to kvetch too much. I often say, "It's Ohio; it's winter; deal with it."

    I've been exhausted. So I'm just vegging today.

    Hal: Thanks!!! You're the one who can take credit or blame for getting me started on this debacle!!! And no there's no end in sight. LOL

    Gigi: Thanks!! There's a perfectionist in my soul that nags me.

    Joy: Thanks!!! Not snowing here yet but I can tell it's on it's way. Sigh.

    Colleen: Thanks!!! You and all the others who comment here made it happen!!!!

    Alice: Something I learned is that obsessive-compulsive mothers raise obsessive-compulsive children. I go nuts trying to make sure things are done right and I know why.

  8. Congratulations on 1,000, Kay. Nice milestone. I too am amazed that I'm still here AND for a variety of reasons also.

    For the good I'm doing, I have considered shutting the blog completely since I get to blog very rarely anymore. BUT (like you said), my cyber-friends are truly loyal and they keep me going. It's inspiring!

    Good luck on the organizing, I hope it goes like you want it to go.

  9. Love checking in on your world. You must continue. Congrats on 1000 posts...I can't imagine it!! Kudos!

  10. dellgal: Thanks!!!! Gon't you dare shut down!! I enjoy your positive outlook!

    Mare: Thanks!!!! You will!!! I have faith. It kind of sneaks up on ya!

  11. Lists are good. Just don't let them take over.....and congratulations on 1000 and one posts.

  12. Lorna: Never fear I have reams of lists that never reach fruition!!!

    And with this post, it's 1004! lol

  13. Anonymous9:51 PM

    Congrats on hitting the 1000 milestone. Your groaners are reason enough to keep going. You keep all of us entertained.
    Thanks for your supportive comments at my spot.

  14. That's a wonderful achievement, Kay. Congratulations.

  15. Congratulations Kay. May thee be thousands more!

  16. Bless ya gal! I don't think I have been around for all one thousand but I sure enjoy the ones that I have been around for.

  17. Bless ya gal! I don't think I have been around for all one thousand but I sure enjoy the ones that I have been around for.

  18. AITBR: Thanks!!! I think half the point of blogging is reading/supporting others' blogs. I'm getting crabby about supporting others blogs while they can't be bothered to support mine. It only takes a minute to type 'Great post!' And yes, I appreciate your support and friendship.

    Fran: It's friends like you who keep me going!!!

    Jams: You are an excellent friend!!!!!!

    GFB: I think you've been around a longggggggggg time -- I remember when you were "Toom witha Vu".

  19. We love you what ever color you are. Congratulations on the thousand entries, and looking forward to another thousand plus good reads.

    Have a good holiday.

  20. 1000 is a good number. And you're a sunny, surprise-filled presence in Bloggerland -- even when things are going suckily for you.

    We're glad you're here, keeping us happily groooooannning.

  21. A thousand posts, eh? Congratulations! That's fantastic!

  22. I was just telling my husband that with two more posts I will have written 100. Well, that’s pretty puny for sure – 1000 posts! What an achievement. Congratulations!


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