Saturday, August 14, 2010

Update after a Longggggg Week

I swear this week was at least a month long and not a fun one at times!!! I'm glad it's the weekend and hope it's a reasonably quiet one so I can get busy here and get around to get caught up on y'all! My 'blog notebook' is loaded with ideas and I feel horribly guilty about being remiss in posting and visiting and appreciate all the sweet, supportive comments y'all have left. Don't tell me not to feel guilty -- my mother made that nigh impossible. It's an old-fashioned Catholic thing and ingrained in my psyche. 'Guilt seems to be one of the things I do best. Sigh.

* My neighbor Michelle called early Tuesday morning to tell me that she and John had gone to the hospital at 4 AM and finally had the baby and asked me to go check on Brice and Racy Gracie! I was soooo glad -- she was so big she couldn't drive last week! Ana Michelle weighed in at nine and a half pounds! Yikes! The very thought hurts! Brice and Gracie were fine and excited and I fixed them breakfast and later I took them and their grandma (who doesn't drive) to the hospital to see their sister. Ana is positively beautiful and looks a lot like John and Gracie was immediately enchanted with her little sister. It was fun for me to be a part of their blessed event and I'm continuing on standby to help for the moment. And my camera got a workout. (And I don't post baby pictures for safety reasons.)

* Microsoft and Hotmail put in updates that messed up my computer (and that of lotsa other angry users)according to their so-called help sites that never seems to provide it (i.e., help) and, despite my best efforts, I finally had to call the ex and ask assistance. He came over and fixed things so I'm running fine now. Hallelujah.

* Jeff and I are in discussion mode and at a stalemate for now. We shall see. He says I'm being silly and maybe I am but it comes down to trust and faith and both are in short supply for the moment. I couldn't help but laugh when one of my best gal pals said that some serious groveling would be appropriate on his part because it's an honesty issue. Roses don't fix everything.

* Needless to say, I didn't get back to Zoar this week. I'm hoping to go in the coming week but my congressman's people have asked my assistance when they discovered that I have experience with campaigning. I suspect I shouldn't have told anyone that. LOL Sigh. I told them that I will do what I can when when I can.

* I thought Jon Stewart was brilliant in this video. I just "love" how the Reckless Right thinks that all Muslims are terrorists.

* I've been in Carole King, James Taylor and Carly Simon mode this week and this 70s oldie has been nagging at me all week! It's a goodie!!! Did we really wear our skirts that short?

Well, I've got to get to the grocery so I can get ready for the next round in the adventure I call life!!!!

Hope y'all are having a great day!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!



  1. This is something nobody but you can decide and nobody but you will pay the price either way; so all I can say is good luck with your decision.

    I just bought a set of coasters with some words, something I have never bought before but they were so true and I think make for a good life philosophy of which I want to remind myself daily and my grandchildren to see every time they visit: "Live life passionately -- Laugh loudly -- Love unconditionally."

  2. Hang in there, Kay!

  3. I had the same problem with my computer, I did Microsoft updates and my computer crashed. I got it fixed and now I am trying to catch up on everything. Boy, was I pissed!!

    Glad to hear about your friends baby, that is really neat!!

    I'm with Judy, you hang in there :)

  4. Anonymous1:19 PM

    Hi, Kay!!!

    Do see EAT PRAY LOVE when you get the chance. Julia Roberts is exquisite in this movie. Hubby and I both loved it.

    You might find the answer to your questions, who knows!

  5. Sounds like you have a good life but maybe feel guilty about it sometimes?
    Ah, good old Catholic guilt.

  6. Rain: Indeed!!!! I email you about this.

    Judy: You betcha!!!

    LTTS: I'm disgusted with the whole thing.

    Gigi: It isn't MY problem -- someone else and God has nothing to do with it. Satan might but the God I believe in says otherwise.

    Hattie: No, I don't have a good life -- especially when people think that they can use me for a doormat.

  7. Ain't just Catholic women with that ingrained sense of guilt. My agnostic, humanitarian self harbors guilt after all these years of knowing that I can't possibly the reason for all the world's problems.

  8. Your weekend seemed like another emotion-packed venture Kay. No one can say you don't hash things out pretty well. I can only wish you luck in whatever decision you come to sweetie. You are a passionate person Kay...and I think these things are much tougher on passionate people....and I'm not talking about your computer. Thinking of you... Hugs, Joy

  9. You picked a good theme song for the week. Now I have to get that song out of my brain. ;)


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