Tuesday, March 02, 2010

What a Good Day It Was

I was determined to get a lot done yesterday if it killed me. The good news is that I did!!!!! And the weather was fairly decent so I didn't mind driving.

I started out with a bunch of phone calls and wrote a couple checks. I'll do most of my bills on Wednesday after my Social Insecurity check comes through.

I took my application to the complex I'm considering moving to and had a nice talk with the manager. There's a waiting list but he says that it's fairly short and that I would be hearing from him. The next trick is being accepted but but he didn't see any problems. It's easier to move when the weather's better and I want to have as much money stashed as I can -- moving is expensive. The trick after that will be getting helpers.

I got most of my weekly errands done today while I was out and even worked in the grocery store. I also got

I even got my confusion over my taxes solved thanks to the new free e-file site I found. The good news is they clarified everything and I'm getting more money back than I thought!!!!! If any of y'all are interested, the site is called TaxSlayer.com and right now I'm delighted with it. We shall see. I could have my refund in about ten days. Good stuff!!!!

Any day it doesn't snow and I get a lot done is a good day!!!!!

I have another list for today and I hope I'm as successful.

Hope y'all are having a great day!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!



  1. Way to go girl!!.The missus and I both like a day like you had especially after some procrastinating ...lol

  2. I do believe you had a good day. Hope you have another one today.

  3. Anonymous12:30 PM

    Good luck on getting that new unit. Hope it will be comfortable for you.

    David uses TurboTax for ours, Lisa's and Maria's taxes.

    This time we expect $1 refund from the State of Hawaii and expect to pay the IRS $1606.


  4. I love your "insecurity check!"

    I keep waiting to have one of those days when I don't have to move my whole to-do list over to the next day. Maybe if I stop checking blogs, I can start paying bills. But that is SO depressing!

  5. Oh, bravo. The sun is out here. I have a tiny list, five poems hacked and slashed, and all my words seem to be coming out right this morning.

    My stroke was in 89, and it damaged my short term memory and took away my hand eye coordination. I had an airconditioned brain to start with, but after the stroke I had to change my direction in life. I hope yours was as gentle with you as mine was to me.

  6. Lists! Excellent, Kay. Thanks for the useful reminder as a way to lower the pile next to the computer.

    What's the story on the "complex" you're waiting for? Best wishes for more list-enhanced days.

  7. It's always satisfying to find a new way to surge to victory over government.

  8. Great news, glad you had a great productive day. Moving is expensive, I hope all goes well and you get the place soon.

    take care :)

  9. GFB: It's a truly good day when it ends with a feeling of accomplishment.

    Linda: I'm trying very hard for repeat!!!

    Gigi: We shall see. I believe that if it's supposed to happen, it will. I used to use TurboTax and found it okay but TaxSlayer is much easier -- for me anyway. I'm getting 0 from Ohio.

    Marty: Glad you smiled. However trying to live on what I get is not easy. Tomorrow is bill day for me -- unless I procrastinate.

    Maggie: If the words are coming, run with it. I'm glad your stroke was gentle -- mine was not. I have a blog about it and assorted other nonsense. There's a link to it on my profile.

    Naomi: Lists keep me focused. And just keep your fingers crossed that it works.

  10. Anonymous3:23 PM

    Wow, Kay! I just finished reading your other blog, How I Got to Be Me. I didn't know you had a stroke as well as an abusive husband that led to your divorce. Now I know. I marvel at your strength and resilience. I wonder how I would cope if I had a stoke.

  11. That was a good day. You were due. :)

  12. Gigi: After over 30 years, I really don't get excited about it. It's just part of being me. And some people are weird about handicapped people. And it's part if why I'm not very healthy and need help with things. I've actually been pretty successful in a lot of ways considering the prognosis.

  13. Sounds great and I think you will be so happy if you get into that apartment


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