Thursday, March 04, 2010

Random Thursday Thoughts

I'm definitely in Cranky Old Broad mode today. My mind is on overload and I can't decide what to do next.

* From my tongue-firmly-planted-in-my-cheek-dept.: Sarah Palin has a new book -- I didn't think she finished coloring the last one. The good news is that more people are realizing what an evil she really is. Many thanks to the Alaskan bloggers for their continuing efforts.

* Is anyone but me getting sick of spam in comments? Is Blogger doing any thing about it? I have comment moderation enabled so I see them and can reject them. Last night FIVE spam comments came in for various products. And folks, all those comments in a Far Eastern language are spam. I copied and pasted a couple to Babelfish -- a translation program and some of them are selling things y'all really don't want.

* Ronni Bennett over at Time Goes By summed up extremely well what's going on in this country perfectly. Read it, weep, and be very afraid.

* My big little brother, First Sarge Mike, and his Company are coming home from Iraq next week! A celebration for him and his company is being planned! We are happy and relieved. It's been an ordeal for the families as well as the men and women who served and that not a single soldier was lost is an additional blessing. My sister-in-law has been to meetings to be briefed on potential problems (and some are pretty scary) and is a bit nervous but knowing my brother, I don't think she has a lot to worry about. The little boy who used to salute me and call me 'sergeant' when I told him what to do is one hell of a good man. And, like me, he is a survivor. I was a bit surprised when talking with my ex-husband last week and mentioned Mike's return, he asked if he could attend and I said that I didn't think it would be a problem. It's another worry off my mind.

* I'm trying to figure out all I need to do if/when I move. Needless to say, the lists are growing by leaps and bounds. I hate moving and am concerned about pulling it off without too many hitches and glitches.

* I checked the walkability score for the new place and it's 82!!!!! AND the list doesn't include a lot of places that I like that are convenient for me -- like my church which is right across the street and the galleries! The downside is I have no excuse for missing Mass! LOL

Hope y'all are having a great day!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!



  1. I sympathize with the Cranky Old Broad sentiments. I have a lot of them my self. I have also noticed the increasing number of sales pitches masquerading as comments. Usually the say nothing at all about the contents or they have something generic and then go on to link to some site selling something. I had to establish a policy of not accepting any comments posted anonymously or that have links to sales sites. My blog is entirely non-commercial and I intend to keep it that way. Besides, posting the link makes it appear that I approve of whatever is being sold. I don't.

  2. Kay I must have dozed off and missed your post about moving. Where to and when?
    The only way to prepare for a move is to get rid of everything except those things you really love.

    Hard to do but in the long run lightens your load.

    Comment spam ? I get that too and I had to enable the word thingy you have to type in. It does help.


  3. Anonymous4:20 PM

    My blog is usually free of spam, because Akismet blocks it. does a good job in that respect.

    Glad to see you are on speaking terms with your ex-husband. Best wishes to your brother and his wife.

  4. Wonderful news about your brother! I'm tickled for all of you.

  5. I can top the cranky old broad sentiments. My cold is still with me, but not quite as bad so last night, I was finally getting a good night's sleep when some dufus tried sending a fax to my home phne number. The air was blue with my words when I picked up that phone and heard that SCREECH! of a fax machine.

    I am with Chancy. . . moving where and when? She gave wonderful advice!

  6. I've been very lucky with spam comments to my site; I've had a few. They are so they really do anyone who posts them any good?

    So happy about your brother Kay.

  7. Glad to hear your brother is safe and coming home. I'm with you, I think your bro will be fine. I hate war and what our men and women have to deal with when they come back home. My foster bro had terrible nightmares when he came back from 'Nam. His screaming would wake the whole house, I was 11 and I went to his room and knocked on the door but he told me to go away.I just sat on the floor with my hand on the door and wept because I could not take away his pain.

    Like your comment on Palin's book, your sense of humor is great :)

  8. That's quite an impressive Walk Score. (My little postwar neighborhood rates in the 70s.)


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