Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Random Wednesday Thoughts

I think my mission to get organized is slowly but surely happening. I started my day with a list and got the most important things done which is progress considering how paralyzed -- physically, emotionally, and intellectually I've felt of late. I even did some work on my blog, too.If I don't watch it, I might feel human again. As a result, I have been thinking a lot so, of course I have to blog about it.

* Good News: The snow storm we were promised didn't appear!!!!! And a lot of the snow has melted since our temps have been above freezing the past couple days. The downside is that Miss Ruby was parked on a sheet of ice and after I damn near fell and broke something important, I grabbed my trusty snow and garden shovels and beat the you-know-what out of that ice and shoved most of it it out of the way. Anything like that is a challenge for me with my left arm and leg problems but obviously those who were supposed to help me don't understand that. Kvetching aside, I was proud of myself. And yeah, I needed some ibuprofen later.

* I think I like Senator Scott Brown (R-MA). He voted with the Democrats today on the jobs bill that was passed. I'm sure he annoyed the GOP greatly and when questioned by reporters about it, replied, "I'm not from around here. I'm from Massachusetts." How refreshing to see some one vote his conscience in today's world. I think he a guy to watch. Word is he's getting trashed as a traitor on his Facebook page.

* Check out Congresswoman Marci Kaptur's (D-OH) site. There's a link on the Earned Income Credit and it's new rules that could be helpful if you're low to moderate income .

* Another postive for this old gal: I've been working on a really fun needlepoint project and I think it's been good for me. It's a great de-stressor and its been far too long since I've done anything like this .

* Here's a video with Sen. Scott Brown on the healthcare bill.

* How's this for brilliant political strategy? Feel free to laugh. I did!

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Well, that's it for today. I gotta get some sleep and that's another issue I'm working on -- I think a normal sleep schedule would help a lot. Hope y'all have a great day!!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!



  1. I hope Sarah hosts lots of teaparties where voters discover that's her main talent. Party chit-chat, looking cute, fake sweetener, and making everyone feel welcome without serving up anything of substance. She seems gifted at small talk.

  2. Glad you didn't get that snow....But the Ice sounds treacherous...!

    That Scott Beown truly is someone to watch. I hope he continues to be his own man and that he won't be put off by his Republican collegues....!
    And he is sure easy on the eyes!!! (lol)

    Hope you sleep well, my dear.

    BTW: Those pots are Ceramic of some kind, but I do believe they must be very very expensive. Even small decorative simple pots are terribly costly now, so these must be out of sight.

  3. The snow is starting to go there? Hurrah!!

    A politician that votes his conscience? That guy should be bronzed.

  4. Show us your needlepoint, Kay!

    Glad to hear you are doing better. Our last snow and ice just melted and today we are supposed to get about an inch. Ugh.

  5. can't wait to see pictures of your needlework!

  6. Marty: From what I've been reading, they're doing to find out that she's a huge liar, too, and it's truly ugly.

    Naomi: Ice is my enemy. And yeah, I'm watching Scott -- I am pleasantly surprised at him.
    And those pots are art!!!!

    GFB: I'm reserving judgement -- on both the snow and Sen. Brown.

    Judy: It's not fancy but it's fun. And God knows when/if we'll
    get more snow. I need to empty my camera and we'll see how it comes out.

    Bev: It isn't fancy but it's fun!

  7. Nice to see you so perky today. I'm sleeping well but coughing more and enjoying it less. LOL Hugs,,,,

  8. Kay, good to hear from you this morning. I was beginning to think you had dropped me for some reason.

    Oh my, could we ever have a good time if I ever let loose on politics. I've had a passionate love affair with politics and the history of our government all my life.

    Right now, however, I am so burned out with politicians, and disappointed in the American people that, for my mental health, I've had to take a break. Right now I'm avoiding the news.

    I am not dissappointed in President Obama, and I miss seeing pictures of him and his family but I just can't take it right now.

    I think the Democrats have screwed up royally, the Independents are being their usual selves, blowing in the wind, where the flowers smell the sweetest, no loyality there. Republicans are being Republicans. I'm sick of all of them.

    Before Christmas I read "The Most Exclusive Club" by Lewis L. Gould. Apparently the Senate has been a pain in the ass since its beginning.

    Oops, I'll stop now before I really get on a soap box. Keep telling it like it is.

  9. Anonymous2:25 PM

    Sorry you had to deal with the ice, but at least, the snow is melting!

    Agree with you about Scott. Amazing politician!

  10. I'm withholding judgment on Scott Brown. I think it's too soon to laud him on just one vote.

    Do be careful on ice. I fell on the ice many times, but fortunately it was when I was much younger and I didn't break any bones. I do think some able bodied young man should help you get rid of the ice.

  11. Oh that ice can be so dangerous we're suppose to get up to a foot with high winds...I hope this isn't another Blizzard of 77.

    Glad your doing better.

    Sarah is such a ditz....she's embarrassing.

    Dorothy from grammology

  12. Sounds as if spring is on its way for you!

  13. Maggie: I sure hope you get better soon!!!! Hugsssssssssss

    Linda: I'm glad, too!!! I'm tired of politicians, too, but feel I have to keep readfing so I don't stroke out from not knowing what's coming. Sigh,

    Gigi: It's a 'joy' of being in Ohio. And yeah, Scott surprised me.

    Darlene: I hope you know me well enough that I'm never 100% on ANY politician. I was just surprised that as the new kid, he dared to defy the rank and file and I liked that a lot. You can bet he caught hell but I got the impression that he doesn't care.

    Dorothy: Snow (AND kvetchimg about it) is part of being an Ohioan. And I could send you to a couple Alaskan blogs that show that Sarah is evil.

  14. Stay safe and careful with the ice! I too am "over" winter. Sleep well! I think a regular sleep schedule helps loads, if only I could get one!

  15. Stay safe and careful with the ice! I too am "over" winter. Sleep well! I think a regular sleep schedule helps loads, if only I could get one!


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