Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Kay's Wonderful World of Weird Words #9

I know there a a lot of newer readers who aren't familiar with my love affair with the English language because I'm wayyyyyyy overdue for a frolic through the dictionary. Those of y'all who are familiar with that quirk are probably shaking their heads, rolling their eyes and muttering, "Oh Lord!!!! She's at it again!" Those who aren't -- welcome to yet another of my quirks.

The backlog is astounding!!!! Have fun, my friends and try to work them into conversation -- it's an adventure!!!!

* quondam: adj. former, sometime

This word is easy to work into conversation: The quondam governor of Alaska is now a member of Fox News. Think she's gonna be the new Katie Couric?]

* sacerdotal: adjective; Of or relating to priests: priestly.

I like this word -- it just rolls of the tongue -- and can be applied anyone who is devoted to an interest or cause. My cousin was almost sacerdotal as he tended to his old E-type Jaguar (and wouldn't let me drive it).

* hypocorism: noun; 1. a pet name; 2. the use of pet names.

A long ago suitor called me his 'Kaybaby' -- an unlikely, cutesy hypocorism for a fiftyish, 5'10" tall woman. As Molly Ivins said, "You can't be . . . tall and cute, both. I think I was first named captain of the basketball team when I was four." 'Cute' doesn't apply to me unless you re-define it.

* misprize: verb; 1. To hold in contempt; 2. To undervalue.

I don't hate guys like Rush Limbaugh -- I merely misprize him and his ilk. Hating requires effort and energy and I refuse to expend either on them.

* conglobate: verb; to form into a round compact mass.

This is a perfect word for this time of year when Ohio is covered with the white stuff! What I want to know is: why the kids aren't outside conglobating it for snowmen and snowballs? (Sorry, I forgot that the Play Station takes precedence. Sigh.)

* obambulate: verb; To walk about.

At first glance this looks like a made-up word referring to our President or his family. However, I think it it would be fun to see a news report say that "President Obama and the First Lady were seen obambulating on the beach in Hawaii." Can y'all imagine the kerfuffle on that? And I won't say anything more except that I gotta go wash my mind out with soap. LOL

Hope y'all enjoyed the visit to the dictionary!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!



  1. Too funny. Thanks for the great education.

  2. The only word I was familiar with was sacerdotal. Got to go read yesterday's entry. Did your test yesterday go OK?

  3. These are great. I was going to work each into one little story but it's too early in the morning to be clever. Maybe someone else will do that later in the day and let us all know. Great words Kay.

  4. Thanks for the elucidation Kay. Here is a word: poutine.Apparently New Yorkers like it.

  5. I love words!!
    this post was wonderful
    I had to laugh at obamulate
    couldn't you just see Glen Beck weeping over it!! ;)

  6. Loved your drive through Dictionaryville Kay....very funny. Hey, I think you should start a new section on your blog called " Dennison's Dictionary." What do you think? Love, Joy

  7. Off subject--I'm glad your test is over. It must be unpleasant, but it's good that you had it done.

  8. Anonymous1:32 PM

    My goodness, all those new words! And I call myself a writer. Kids around here are in the snow, but then we're so rural, I suspect the cable lines are down.

  9. Annie: It's an education for me, too!!!

    Fran: I'm doing fine.

    Annie: The real fun is trying to work them into an ordinary conversation.

    GFB: Hmmmm sounds vaguely familiar. If it doesn't come from the I get, I don't know it.

    Dianne: Wow!!!!!! What a great thought!!!!!

    Joy: Thanks!!!!!!! And not a bad idea. Food for thought!!!!

    Lucy: Thanks!!!!! I'm glad, too.

  10. A wonderful selection. I knew the first tow but the rest are new to me! Wonderful!

    Do you misprise (an s not a z for us Brits!) Limbaugh after you caught him conglobating in his bedroom?

  11. There are a lot of people about whom I could use the word misprize!

  12. love this! especially QUONDAM. surely if you went to cathlick skool, you remember after the funeral mass, the kiddies choir used to sing "In paradisum," the last line of which was "et cum Lazaro, quondam paupere, aeternam habeas requiem"--"and like Lazarus, who was once poor, may you have eternal rest."

    Fun words!! Thanks

  13. I loved this! My favorite was misprize :)

  14. Loved the Rush Limbaugh sentence. I'll have to memorize that one myself.

  15. I obambulated for exercise this evening. Gee... that sounds pretty weird. These are really great words, Kay. Fun!

  16. wondrous fun! I love words, but did not know any of these!
    and, I'm from NYC but I had to look up 'poutine' : (
    Blogs are so educational! thank you!


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