Thursday, January 14, 2010

Old TV -- Comedy (Part 2)

The shows featured today were definite "musts" at our house.

Burns and Allen always were always fun and this clip is an excellent example. I always liked the opening -- the Carnation Milk truck pulled up each morning at my Grandpa's farm in Wisconsin to pick up the milk so I guess Grandpa's cows were contented. If y'all want to see full episodes, there are lots of them at YouTube.

My parents really liked The Jack Benny Show and this clip with Rochester is really fun!!!!!!

Another staple at our house was "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet". I feel like I grew up with David and Ricky. It wasn't as funny as Benny or Burns and Allen but it was popular for fourteen years.

Next week we'll look at a couple more classic comedies!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!



  1. Thanks for the memories, Kay.

  2. Ah before my time. I could watch Bilko ad infinitum though!

  3. wow...i missed most of this. i remember burns & allen and jack benny on the RADIO.

    thanks for the funnies!!

  4. They don't make shows like these anymore. I wish they did. But, I guess the younger generation has a differant sense of humor.

  5. These are all familiar to me! What great memories, and fun to remember. It seems life wasn't as complicated back then. But then again, I was a kid. I know from my parents' perspective, it wasn't easy.

  6. All of those were favorites of my family too. Say goodnight Gracie. Good night Gracie! Never another Gracie!

  7. I loved George and Gracie!!

    I adored Gracie

  8. I loved these shows, too. I adored Ricky Nelson when he sang at the end of every episode.

  9. I loved this! Thank you so much! I was such a huge fan of Burns and Allen. I was probably in love with Ricky Nelson for a time, too.


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