Saturday, January 16, 2010


I spent most of my day trying to catch up with y'all -- and trust me, that's a big job since I follow a lot of you -- my computer decided to glitch and the upshot was that I spent four hours working on it to get things back to normal. I was really scared that there was something really wrong, What that means is that other things I needed/wanted to do got postponed: books weren't returned to the library, Miss Ruby didn't get new shoes, and that I am short-changing you on a blog post again. I am, of course, upset. However, I do think this video is well worth watching and remembering if Sarah ever decides to run for office again. I think she should go on "Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?" -- never mind, she would definitely lose.

Hope y'all had a great day!!!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!



  1. That was funny. We do need to laugh especially with things as they are today.

  2. I saw the actual answer and it wasn't much better than the Kimmel! OY VEY!

  3. I wonder how much time we would all spend working on our computers if we compiled our hours, days,weeks, months in a year. And doesn't it seem to always be worse in the New Year? I think the computers are rigged to start having problems so we'll all go out and buy new ones. Oh and that computer repair headache is always a killer. Good luck Kay.

  4. If that women ever gets elected President I will be sure that the End is nigh.

    I know about those computer gliches and a four hour fix for them is common.

  5. Anonymous11:42 AM

    Awww, sorry you had such a rough day! But, I want to thank you for leaving such nice comments on my blog -- sometimes on two posts, even!

    Mahalo, Kay, and good luck with the computer!

  6. Sorry, Kay... I can't bear to watch a Sarah Palin video. She absolutely makes me crazy... Arrrrghhhh!

    I'm having a hard time keeping up with my blog families, too. Sigh. I'd better get to bed. It's almost midnight.


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