Sunday, December 27, 2009

Random Post-Christmas Thoughts

Hope y'all celebrated the holiday long and well!!!! It was a nice enough holiday here. I went to Midnight mass and did my stint at the parish the next day which is always fulfilling. Things are so bad here that we, as usual, ran out of food and that I bothers me but I do realize is that all we can do is our best and we do. With a 12% unemployment rate (which I think y'all know is a false figure because it doesn't count those unemployment benefits have run out), many are in need. A couple of the regulars who spend Christmas like me stopped at my place afterwards for Kay's Infamous Killer eggnog and snacks. It was fun.

* Brice, my young neighbor, brought me some baklava made by his Greek grandmother. Serious yum! It's probably my favorite dessert and I'm trying hard not to commit the deadly sin of gluttony and make it last a while!

* Diane stopped earlier this week with her special potatoes and some ham for my Christmas dinner. Someone gave her a ham for Christmas and she really isn't supposed to have it so she baked it and divided it between herself, her mom and moi.
I truly appreciate her thinking of me.

* I spoke with my son and his family -- Jen, my daughter-in-law, sounded like a box full of birds; the boys were wound up with excitement over their gifts -- Drake reminds me of my son at that age -- very chatty and Connor is like his Aunt Kate who hates to talk on the phone but he did fine; and Eric seemed really relaxed and happy. I was delighted.

* My buddy/decorator, Richard, stopped and I was so glad -- I hadn't heard from him in an eon!!! He seems to finally be getting over his mom's death. I, of course, gave him hell for making me worry. We agreed that one of our 'treasure hunt' and dinner days is far overdue. He finally got a cell phone and it's now easier for me to track him down. (huge grin)

* Marcia called and we had a great conversation and made plans to get together soon.

* I spoke with my stepmom, too, and she had news of my dad's family as well news of my favorites among her many nieces and nephews. As always, we had a good talk.

* I'm leaving my Christmas stuff up until New Year's Day. I like it.

* No snow for Christmas. In fact, I don't think we've had 2 inches of snow yet. Seriously weird! I haven't had to pay anyone to shovel. My trusty bag of salt has done the trick!

* Here's a favorite song from one of my favorite musicals by the lady who sang it first and sang it best for all you Buckeye fans out there to help you get in the spirit for the bowl game next week!

Happy Blogging!!!!!



  1. It sounds like a warm and family-centred holiday. As was mine. And I love it like that.

  2. Lorna: I was alone unless you count my volunteer work. If I hadn't done that and asked a couple of the people I serve with at the church and called people, I wouldn't have seen or talked to a soul on Christmas Day.

  3. Sounds like you're having a busy, fun holiday season. Hardly any snow? Gosh! That's amazing! My daughter keeps complaining in Illinois that they've been whalloped. She says she's exhausted from shoveling.

    Baklava? Mmmmmm....

  4. I know that the volunteer work you do is soul-satisfying, even when it falls short. You're right - you can only do what you can.

    I'd be happy there was no snow!

  5. I am glad you had a good Christmas and some of that you made for yourself which is how sometimes it has to be for us. Hope the new year treats you well

  6. Anonymous11:14 AM

    Glad you reached out to people, Kay. So important during the holidays.

  7. Hope the new year brings you good health, good cheer and good times!!

    It's time.


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