Monday, November 02, 2009

Read It and Weep, Elders!!!

I've mentioned here before that I have been interested in what Congressman Ron Paul's ideas for quite some time. Today when I read his newsletter, I was interested and angry with what I read and I think y'all will be as outraged as I am. Go to this link below and read what he says about how Social Security has been looted and exposes the many whoppers our government is telling us about it!.

Am I surprised? No. We have been sold out by the people who are supposed to be working for us. That's no surprise either. All thieves don't wear a mask and carry a gun!!!!

And oh yeah, pass it on and raise hell!!!!!

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  1. I often thought they were looting S.S.
    Like you I am not surprised and yes, it pisses me off to no end.

    You are so right, not everyone wears a mask and carries a gun. My life has been full of these people.

    Like my father always said, "Everyone takes the money"

  2. I'm not surprised either, Kay. It has been reported for years that Social Security surpluses have been 'borrowed' by underfunded Federal agencies. I put the word borrowed in quotes because I for one don't think those funds will be paid back or that those who 'borrowed' them ever intended to pay them back. The U.S. Park Service would have been broke long ago without the raids on Social Security. Further, thanks to Phil Graham and others in the House and Senate, the Federal Government has for years used the surpluses to mask the real national deficit. I wonder how much of that 'surplus' we had during the last of the Clinton years would have disappeared if there had been any honest accounting. Not much, is my guess. I have been pissed off about this for a long time and getting more so as I approach 62 (I have no illusions about holding out for 'full' retirement age) and listen to all those idiots blame my generation for breaking Social Security. The banks were too big to fail but the baby boom is simply too big for them to provide what had been promised. I hope my cynicism is unjustified. I am afraid it is.

  3. I could not get the link to work but this is definitely something I have been hearing for a long while. Social Security taxes were raised supposedly to build a trust fund. The word trust reminds of a lot of other ones the federal government uses when it means the opposite. They 'borrowed' it for other things and don't ever intend to pay it back. It should be criminal except those who monitor it are the ones doing it.

  4. OF COURSE "they" have been looting Social Security for some time I'm too pissed off to even comment about this. I'm trying to think positive (mad, hysterical laughter).

  5. Anonymous1:02 PM

    Gosh - I thought this was common knowledge. Not that "knowing about" it makes the practice any less galling. Ron Paul's proposed law would be great! Thanks for taking us there.
    Cop Car

  6. Yeah, this has been reported for a long time. When will we elders take to the streets to protest?

  7. I knew about that. It is a sin and a shame.

  8. This isn't news to me. In fact, I was told at a very young age when I could begin to understand these things, one of the purposes for starting the Soc. Sec. system was that it was a way to obtain more "taxes" from the American people under the guise of providing the benefit we receive.

    I thought they should be putting those monies in an untouchable account where, during the times, when there was lots of excess the monies would earn interest, that would also be saved for the proverbial "rainy day" as we peons try to do.

    Nothing could be further from the truth, but we're really feeling the hurt because there are fewer young contributors than those who draw on Soc. Sec. That, we've known, was going to be problem enough, but given what has happened with our nation's financial debacle the problem is magnified.

  9. I kind of knew about this....and it just infuriates me to no end. SS was set-up to build a trust fund. Trust...that's the keyword. We have very little reason to trust many people in our federal government these days.

  10. We are surrounded by so many lies these days, I don't believe ANY politicians. Wish we could wipe the slate clean and start over with people who are in touch with the real world. People who have experience with life and death and pain and sorrow and joy and happiness. I guess empathy is the word I'm searching for.

  11. I loved your bio and now I understand why have you ever been on
    I think they should see this post as well and I will click the link and I wonder about AARP and what their thoughts would be. Mine are not surprised and continue to be appalled by most of our politicians.

    Dorothy from grammology


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