Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Birthday, Judy!!!!!!!!!

It's Judy's Birthday!!!!!!! Some of you probably know her as kenju at Imagine . . . but I know her as my long lost sister!!!! We keep being amazed at the things we have in common and can only conclude that we were separated as toddlers. LOL

And I was able (through nefarious means, of course) to arrange a special treat for her!

You made it! Yeehaw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And it only took ????????? years!!!!! LOL

And here's some musical/video "blast from the past" accompaniment. Enjoy!!!!

Here's to an awesome relaxing day, Judy!!!!!! I hope it's special and you celebrate well surrounded by those who you love and love you!!!!!!

Happy Blogging and Happy Birthday, Sis!!!!!!

Love and Hugssssssssssssss



  1. Aw, Bless your little heart!! How sweet. I know I'll never make Rolling Stone or any other magazine, but it is fun to see this, and you are special to do that for me! I plan to have a good day, and then my family will all be here on Sat. to take me to lunch. I'll be thinking of you and all my wonderful blog friends. Thanks, Kay!

    P.S. Have I told you how much I am enjoying having you back here?

  2. Anonymous1:43 AM

    Thanks for the tip, Kay!
    Cop Car
    P.S. I'll run over to Kenju's to leave her best wishes.

  3. Good to know about Kenju's BD. Thanks. Hope your eye getting better.

  4. What a great pic of Judy...and a very nice birthday surprise for her. She deserves it Kay. Hope your eye is doing better sweetie. Hugs...

  5. Happy birthday, Kenju. Happy Friday to you, Kay!

  6. Thanks for the reminder. And, Happy Halloween to you.

  7. You are sisters under the skin then? How lovely to have someone who you have so much in common wirh. I have already visited Judy and wished her a great day.

  8. Happy Birthday, Kenju!

  9. I went by and left a comment, thanks to your heads up. Hope you are feeling better and better.

  10. Isn't amazing the friendships we make in cyberspace. I love the idea that you and Judy were separated at birth. LOL

  11. Oh dear....! I MISSED IT!

    Well, I will go over there right now and wish her aq Belated Happy V-Day!

  12. What a great picture of Judy!! She's as lovely a person as her photo is.

    I've been over to visit her and left birthday wishes.


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