Thursday, November 19, 2009

Game Day Eve 2009!!!!!!

It was a busy day yesterday with cleaning, grocery shopping and visiting Dr. Jamie. The news from the latter was good but not great. My eye has improved but is not completely healed yet and I have to continue the medicine until it is gone. Today, I'll finish preparations for the game after I call Dr. Maria and talk to her nurse. She called while I was running errands and I missed it. I can't help but wonder what fresh hell this is. Sigh.

The fans above are typical of Buckeyemania. Don't be surprised if y'all see them in the stands at tomorrow's game! Y'all would never catch me not bundled up on a cold November day -- not even in my crazy younger days!!!!

These videos are for Joared -- she is a big fan of the TBDBITL (The Best Damn Band in the Land) and this is a long-time favorite: The State of Ohio's Official Rock Song!

Here's another OSU tradition: TBDBITL marching to St. John Arena for a skull session before the game for an appreciative crowd. These guys and gals gotta be in as good shape or better than the team -- they work hard!!!!!!

Happy Blogging and Gooooooooooooooo Buckeyes!!!!!!!!!



  1. Glad your eye is better. Ya gotta learn patience, some healing can take time. Also, as we get older we don't always bounce back as quickly from medical issues as we did when we're younger. The important fact is your eye is "improved."
    End of lecture! *grin*

    Yeah, I remember being at some games in the Horseshoe on really cold days and wondering about the mental state of those maniacs sporting red-painted bare skin. Fortunately, not all OSU fans are that nuts.

    Thanks for all the videos -- am really enjoying them!

    "Hang On Sloopy" lives on for Ohio State fans thanks to one of their own, John Tatgenhorst, drummer extraordinaire, who arranged it for them never imagining the affection it would be accorded. I remember him as the good-looking young "kid," as the other musicians who worked the TV show called him, when he was a mere OSU music student.

    John went on to musical success creating other song band arrangements for additional Universities, as I recall hearing his name announced before at least one big Texas University football game.

    He also has worked on Hollywood music scores including with John Williams.

  2. I'm afraid I'm not a big sports fan but I'll root for you.

  3. I've got my fingers crossed for you Buckeyes today! I am also a graduate of OSU (Oklahoma State University).

  4. Kay, I sure hope you'll have no more problems with your eye.

  5. I am still using drops from my cataract surgery. I don't want to get an infection. I think if your eye is improving you will need to keep up with the meds. Like, Joared, I am good at giving lectures. ;-)

  6. Both my sons went to Ohio State. We are of course still big fans!
    Have a great weekend!


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