Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Blast from the Past: Old TV

The year 1950, when I had reached the awesome age of three, was quite a year for our family:

a) We moved from Greenwich, Ohio to Grafton, Ohio .

b) Our family grew with the birth of my sister.

c) We got a brand spankin' new 1950 Plymouth.

d) We got a television with the biggest screen available -- about 12 inches (guessing here).

And again I'm guessing that Dad got a healthy raise in pay when he changed railroads for my frugal parents to buy a new car and a TV. I didn't like the last because it meant that little Kay had to be quiet and sit still. Neither was my most stellar attribute. And I've never really learned to be quiet. LOL

Eventually, I started watching television and mostly found it boring but eventually found some to my liking. I liked cowboys a lot. My favorite was The Cisco Kid. For some reason he and Pancho caught my imagination and attention and sometimes I wonder if somehow it spawned my later interest in the Spanish language and Hispanic culture. This this the last segment of five in one the of episodes. I chose it because it had their signature ending which y'all may recall -- I hope.

Another thing that caught my attention on television was the commercials. This was a favorite of mine from 1952 and if y'all are like me, you'll sing along as if it were yesterday!!!! Unless, of course, you weren't born yet!!!!


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  1. I'm recalling the Lone Ranger and Roy Rogers. What a fun time that was! Thanks for the memories!

  2. I don't think I ever saw the Cisco Kid. We knew who he was, but the show wasn't carried where I lived. We did get the Dinah Shore commercials though.

  3. Sorry to say that the Cisco Kid wasn't a friend of mine but do remember the Dinah Shore Show and her Chevy song.

    Now that I think about it the Chevy song and her big Muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuwahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! at the end are my only memories of the show.

  4. I remember both, of course. I preferred Gene Autry or the Lone Ranger, but I remember them from movies more than TV. We didn't get TV until 1953 when I was 12.

  5. I loved Dinah Shore's voice and remember this commercial well. I was too old for kid's TV by the time we got one, but I did go to cowboy movies when I was small and always cried if the horses got hurt. The men could shoot each other and I didn't bat an eye, but hurt a horse?

  6. You had a lot more money than we did. I was ten in 1956 when walking home from school I broke into a run seeing our TV Antenna being installed. I flopped in front of the TV and have been there since. Howdy Doody, Mickey Mouse Club, Perry Mason, The Honeymooners, Gunsmoke, Cisco Kid, Winky Dink and Me. My favorite this year is THE GOOD WIFE.

    Great Post Kay!

  7. Don't remember exactly when we got our first TV but it was in the early fifties. Like you, I don't remember being a huge fan.

    The only TV westerns I remember watching was Sky King and Sgt. York of the Yukon. I saw all my cowboy movies at the Saturday movie matinees.

    And of course, who can forget the famous...."Oh Pancho! Oh Cisco!" closing on all their movies.

    The other thing I do remember most about early TV was sitting on the floor waiting for programming to start and watching that silly test pattern. I blogged about that silly thing ”here” if you want to read it.

    There were many of those memorable commercials. The Brylcreem commercial always seem to come to mind...."A little dab will do ya'"

  8. Kay: those were good, too. I also like Wild Bill Hickok.

    Lorna: Awwwwww shucks a goodie! It made me laugh.

    Colleen: No? Maybe your folks didn't like it. My dad liked cowboys, too. And we always watched Dinah Shore!

    Judy: Both were good!and we must have watched Gene 'cause my first song was "You Are My Sunshine".
    I remember that Dinah was on Sunday nights after Ed Sullivan

    Darlene: I liked her voice, too, and yeah, I liked the cowboy movies, too, and I love it that Roy Rogers was from Ohio.

    Annie: We were far from rich. My mother can stretch dollars like no one else and was is a great saver and I'm guessing the car was bought on a loan. And we could afford the payments because dad got a raise with his new/better job.

    Alan: I tripped across a lot of the things you mentioned and will probably write more about how media impacted us. I found some really coool stuff.

  9. I certainly do remember that theme song. I liked it a lot too. Thanks for nudging my memory for those old tv shows. Remembering is so much fun.

  10. One of our neighbours had a 12 inch tv with a magnifier over the screen back then. Since me and my brother were friends with their son we got invited over to watch Howdy Doody.Also
    saw Dagmar once and being thirteen I could see what the fuss was all

  11. I'll bet you've heard this one:

    An oldie from my childhood, and only Burl Ives can keep it from being a "moldie" oldie. Thanks for the memories!


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