Tuesday, November 17, 2009

And So It Goes . . .

Been busy!!! I'm determined to get out of the funk I've been living in -- and that will last until my world falls apart again.

* I've been spending some time on some things I'm interested in -- like putting a dent in the "gotta read" pile and getting my collection of books on my account at The Library Thing. It's a great site but it takes a LOT of time. I wish they had a site like that for my movie collection.

* I've also been neglecting myself terribly so I decided that just because I feel like doesn't mean I have to look like hell so I'm starting back on my vitamin regimen and making sure I take better care of my appearance.

* The Ex was over today and installed a new DVD/CD rom burner and software on my computer and he showed me how to use it. It's kind of amazing how we get along these days but there are still undercurrents if I say the wrong thing so I avoid stuff. Sigh. But I always tell him to give his roommate my best. My friends think that's weird but she didn't cause our divorce so I really have nothing against her and she's always nice to me. I'm glad they're happy. And I'm not totally stupid -- I know that if I found someone (or someone found me), it would most likely become less cordial.

* I'm also trying to get my den finished a little at a time. I still haven't found the "right" curtains -- yeah, I know I'm picky and I want to set up my other (old) computer and network it with this one. That should be a fun challenge.

* All that said, here was my horoscope for yesterday: Your spirit of renewal bodes well for someone who wants to return to your life. I can't think of anyone who would want to return or I would want to my life. It gave me good a good laugh!!

* Buckeye Week continues!!! Lotta hype and trash talkin' going on but it's mostly in good fun. Here's really nice video about Ohio State -- you wouldn't believe the dreck I had to wade through but a girl has to be true her standards. (Does it annoy y'all how casually the 'F' word is tossed about these days? I sure puts me crazy.)

Happy Blogging and Goooooo Buckeyes!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Sound like things are looking up. Glad to hear it. Keep on truckin', girl.

  2. Glad you've got your Buckeyes. They usually put you in high spirits.

  3. I like that horoscope reading and hope it works for you. It's a hard time of the year but spring is on its way... eventually :) Nice that you and your ex are friendly

  4. good luck to Ohio. (pretty music on the video)
    and to you in all your endeavors.

  5. I haven't been on my blog for the past few days, been super busy.

    Sounds like you're doing good to me. Baby steps is my motto :)

    Go Buckeyes! We are CU Buffalo fans (my in laws are alumni's) and the Buffs are in the toilet. Oh well, maybe next year :)

  6. It's a good feeling to make a dent in paper work. I let it pile up way too long and wonder why I saved half of it. I never can find things when I need them so I am about to stop being a clutter bug.

    You are wise to be picky about things that go in your environment. You will probably have to look at the curtains a long time.

  7. I like that library site too, but I can't read and set new stuff up at the same time, so I'm avoiding it right now. Keep looking up!

  8. YOu have that "keep on keeping on" attitude that I admire, Kay. I also admire that you can get along with your ex. I know that if mr. kenju and I ever divorced, he would not be in the same room with me....LOL

  9. This is a tough time of year Kay...but you seem to be getting back that spirit we all have known you for. Sometimes it takes quite a while, doesn't it sweetie; but it's there, just waiting to come out again. You are such a good soul Kay...and I'm glad you have your Bickeyes too. Love, Joy


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