Thursday, October 29, 2009

Always an adventure . . .

Thanks to all of y'all who have been by and the nice comments about how much better I seem. Trust me when I tell you that my frame of mind is pretty erratic these days. Yesterday sucked.

I woke up and saw that my left eye was deep red. Since this the eye that had received cataract surgery a couple years ago (and chronicled here), I panicked. I am seriously paranoid about my vision. I tried some drops to no avail and on closer inspection, I noticed a small pocket of white stuff on my lower lid that screamed,
"Infection!". Yuck. I called Dr. Jamie, my cute Harvard man ophthalmologist, and shouted for help. They scheduled me to come in today and he diagnosed an infection, told me to come back in a month and ordered a scrip for antibiotic ointment. I stopped and made my follow up appointment at the desk and while I was at it, I scheduled my annual exam in December -- easier than trying to remember to call. The nice office assistant told me they were sending my scrip over the Internet to my pharmacy and it would probably be ready in about two hours so I headed for home.

Two hours later, I headed to my pharmacy and they said my scrip was ready and I told them not to hurry because I'd be back after I did some shopping there. My pharmacy is also a "deep discount" store snd has bargains on all sorts of things like groceries, paper products, closeouts on all sorts of things for your home and the regular drug store stuff. I prefer it to The Evil Empire and the mere pennies' difference is bupkas when the price of gas factors in as it's closer to my home.
An impulse buy was a big bouquet of assorted fall flowers for $3.98. They now are gracing my coffee table and make my humble home look happier.

At any rate, I'm still here and trying mightily to get caught up with everything as well as visiting all of you. I hope to have a regular routine set next week.

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!



  1. Glad to hear you're getting that eye infection on the run. I've always been very sensitive to anything eye related, also because vision issues were increasingly my Mom's beginning when she was in her forties.

    Sounds like day to day life is going, even if erratic, better than not going, doncha think???

    Frugal is good, so are bargain prices and sales. Great you could find those books. We have a used book store in nearby community I enjoy, but all the others have long since closed.

    Keep on, keepin' on!

  2. Anonymous6:40 AM

    $3.98 for flowers is money well spent.
    Glad you caught the eye infection quickly and were able to get medication.

  3. I certainly hope the antibiotic clears up the infection, think he'd want to see you sooner than a month to recheck. I agree with you don't mess around with the eyes.

  4. I think eye concerns are a big deal on all of our agendas would be to me too. I'm so glad you took care of it right away; and I'm hopeful the antibiotic will take care of it quickly.

  5. Eye infections are the worst. It seems so wrong to put anything in your eyes, especially if they already hurt.

    What is the Evil Empire?

  6. Hi sweetie. I'm glad you are able to take care of the infection. Nothing worse than eye stuff. I had a sty that went awry and ended up as a staff infection which caused my whole right side of my face to swell. it was horrible and took about a month to calm everything down. yikes. get well soon. hugs

  7. That is good news. Love that you bought flowers for your house. Flowers always make things better. :)

  8. Hope your eye clears up soon. I'm sensitive about my eyes, too, because I'm legally blind in one eye. I tend to be very careful with the good one.

  9. Some days your the diamond and some days you're the stone. Sorry about your stone day yesterday, but maybe you'll sparkle tomorrow. Hang in there.

  10. Sorry about the eye infection, I'm the same way about my eyes :)

    good purchase on the flowers, they always make things a touch nicer.

    I like your title, each day is an adventure. Heaven knows what a day will bring :)

  11. I am glad to know that you got your eye seen about pronto and it will be fine (I hope) after your medication.

  12. You'll get there, Kay.

  13. Like you needed an eye infection to take your mind off of all your other stresses in life! I hope your eye heals quickly, and tomorrow is Nov 1st. Isn't your dr appt in the beginning of Nov? Good luck!


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