Monday, May 18, 2009

Random Thoughts Midweek

I'm still exhausted but am trying mightily to get myself on a regular sleep schedule and eat better, too. I'm also trying to get focused on some thoughts I have on the back burner that need to be addressed.

* I hate housework as y'all know. I try to avoid it like the plague but, as we all know, it is always and ever with us. I'm always on the lookout for things that make these thankless tasks easier. I don't usually plug products here but one of the best discoveries I've found is Kaboom Bathroom Cleaner. It's the best thing I've found for cleaning my shower. I can have it sparkling in less than ten minutes. Just spray it on the walls and tub -- take a scrubber sponge to any nasty spots -- and run the shower full blast hot for a few minutes to rinse it down and voila! -- a nice shiny shower/tub!!!! I usually wipe mine down with a towel because I'm my mother's daughter and get picky but it's not really a 'gottado'. Try it!

* I went to the grocery after supper. Does anyone get as annoyed at the grocery as I do? The prices are dreadful --especially for fresh fruit and veggies: $3.99 for raspberries and $4.99 for blueberries -- for four ounces! Needless to say, I settled for bananas and grapes which still cost too much. Don't even get me started on the price of meat. I keep hearing that I'm supposed to eat healthy. I'd like to know how it's done on my income.

* I was stunned when I went to the grocery be cause it was busy. Usually it's empty which is why I like to go around seven. I started to comment to the guy ahead of me in line and stopped mid-sentence as I glanced at the newspaper rack and finished with . . . "omigod it's game night!"
He laughed and my cell phone rang. It was Jeff asking, "Where the hell are you? I thought we were gonna watch the game. " I lied and told him I was at the store getting food and would be there in ten. Sadly, our Cavaliers lost to the Magic by one lousy point. I told Jeff it was all his fault because they win if I watch the game alone. 'Sides, I don't know why anyone would want to watch anything at my house. My television is a little 19-inch with no bells or whistles. He's got a big fancy one that looks like it came off the Starship Enterprise. Men!

* I'm still cleaning a lot. When I leave to go to Toledo in two weeks, I want the burglars to be able to find everything. Not really, but it is definitely nicer to come home to a clean house. I'm also getting things ready to travel. I'm thinking I might take an extra night and do some exploring if the funds are available. The old song "Sentimental Journey" keeps tugging at my brain which isn't too surprising given that I'll be going through northwestern Ohio. Don't worry, I'm taking my camera and the car charger for its batteries so I hope I manage to take some photos.

* After I get back, I'm going to help Jeff and Alex close their houses. Alex wants to go back to Florida and is thinking of selling his house and car eventually. He asked me if I want the car. I was good and just said "No, thank you!" Jeff is driving and going down with Shaughnessy for a month or two and I've already got my marching orders on opening his house. Sigh.

* Friday night is the annual "Zing! in the City!" celebration and the main event will be the Symphony performing Broadway show tunes. Can you say, "Kay won't miss it!"? I knew you could.

Well, that's about it. I'm tired from a busy day!!!! Hope y'all had an excellent one!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!



  1. You are so right about the grocery. It is a constant irritation for us especially when we start looking closely at what we had been buying out of habit. The prices of the juice we used to get in the refrigerated section had gone up to almost $4/half gallon. So we checked out the juice aisle and found that was considerably cheaper. But then we found that these containers were downsized from half-gallon to 48 oz. for the same price. Well, we have gone back to frozen concentrate. As we did we reminisced nostalgically about the time when they had rows of freezers with various varieties. Now--only one partial 4 ft section. I could recount repeated experiences of the same kind in other sections of the store. Higher prices, smaller containers, and less variety. We don't even look at the produce section any more except for potatoes and onions. Too high and trucked in from half a continent (or more) away. Tasteless to boot.

  2. The grocery store is getting close to the twlight zone. We went 2 days ago and everytime we go, there is something else they have stopped carrying. this time it was the tiolet paper (charmin with aloe) between that and the prices that have no end in sight shopping has become a nightmare.
    take care :)

  3. Kay Good luck with all the house cleaning you are doing so "The burglars will find a clean house while you are away"

    That statement reminded me of an actual burglary we had some years back while we were out of town.

    Our son was then 18 and a senior in high school stayed home alone as it was a business trip.

    As it turned out the day we were gone it snowed and iced over so our son went to stay with a friend and family.

    During that night burglars broke in and stole some stuff. Our dog was in the kitchen where they broke the window and came in. They did not harm our dog but put her in the garage storage room.

    The next day our neighbor came to check out the house routinely and noticed the broken window and called us.

    She told us about the break in. She said they didn't seem to have taken a lot but "They did a number on J's room (our son)". meaning everything was in complete disarray.

    Funny thing is the burglars did not even go in J's room. That was just the mess a teen ager makes in his own room and leaves for others to clean up LOL



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