Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Wednesday Roundup

It's April Fool's Day!!!!! Hope the jokes played on y'all are fun ones!!!!

It's been crazy around here -- as usual -- so here are a couple updates on things I've learned lately.

* I'm so glad y'all enjoyed the post/video on the Johnny Mathis tribute show. I got an email from Lois about something that happened when the show ended. As it was closing, one of the workers came in and gave Kent, the young man who starred as Mathis in the production, a bouquet. He opened the card and it was simply signed "Johnny". The general feeling was "wouldn't it be nice if they really were from Johnny?" Well, Lois checked and they really were from Johnny Mathis!!!! What a nice man!!!!!!! I am impressed.

* I found this really great FREE site called can do all sorts of editing to your photos there. It's a neat place just to mess around if you're bored or experiment with fixing your less than perfect photos. I really find it excellent.

* Something I like: I love oatmeal and discovered a really neat way to make it. Instead of using water I use apple cider. Tastes awesome and eliminates the need for sugar and therefore extra calories.

* Why don't lo-fat products taste right? In a rare attempt to cut down my fat intake, I bought lo-fat Miracle Whip because I wanted to make tuna salad. I am not happy about how awful it tastes. It just goes to show that fats and calories are yummy and give food their flavor.

* My thyroid problems will not be dealt with for another six months -- if then. My TSH levels came back okay so nothing will be done despite the nodules on my thyroid and that I'm sleeping every time I turn around. Their solution? Anti-depressants -- most of which leave me with truly weird side effects so I won't take them. What's next? I don't know but I'm too tired to fight. I wonder if they're trying to kill me.

* I'm still waiting for money from the Census Bureau that they owe me for the short time I worked there. They said there was a mistake so I'm guessing that it was their mistake. If it was my error, I'm sure they would have hastened to tell me. I also bet that if I owed them money they would be screaming as if I robbed the U.S, Mint!!!! In the meantime, I'm so broke, I can't pay attention.

* First Friday is coming and I hope I can go. Marcia's sister is coming in for it and she is loads of fun!!!!!

* I have to get busy this weekend and file my taxes. I use TurboTax and it works just fine.

I hope y'all are having a great week!!!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!


  1. I'll check out that pic program. I'm happy with Picasa, but another is always good!

  2. So far so good on my end. That's really neat about Johnny Mathis. What a thrill that must have been. Take care, Kay. My thyroids are gone so I have to take medication every day to keep myself regulated.

  3. Have a friend who battles thyroid issues, so can sure sympathize with your problems. A few years ago she got switched to a generic drug from her regular one. She was delighted 'cause the cost would be much less. Unfortunately, she began to develop all sorts of health problems. She and her Dr. initially didn't consider it could be the generic, but as they tried a number of things, ultimately it came down to the new generic drug. Dr. finally had her switch back to the reg. med. taking her off the generic and her problems cleared up. Think a lot may have to do with where the generic is mfg. and it's hard to always find that out. FDA not too good on a number of generic drug issues from what I read.

    Enjoyed your Facebook YouTube video on an earlier post. Reinforces my view to skip setting up a site there. I see they have my name up there though I don't have an account, so I guess it's because others offered to friend me.

    It's my turn to go to work on taxes next couple of weeks. Be glad yours are done.

    Hope you'll be feeling better soon -- Wake Up! ;-)

  4. Sounds like a busy week Kay. I'm glad I don't have to file a tax return this year. I didn't earn enough to be taxed at the higher rate here in the UK

  5. Thanks for the Dr. Pic recommendation!

    Try 5-HTP. It's better than any anti-depressant (do MD's push these or what?).

  6. From my sisters thyroid problems I understand your struggle. Her specialist is reluctant to do any thing about the nodes.

    I will check out that pic program too cuz I.m always looking to improve my mug shot ,ya know what I mean silk purse out of a sows ear.......

  7. They put me on antidepressants once when they misdiagnosed me with depression rather than thyroid disease. It's amazing what the right medication will make you feel like. I hope you get what you need FAST! Six months seems like a long time to be in a limbo stage.

  8. Two things...first, cooking oatmeal in apple cider- brilliant. Second, I have found that the words "low/no fat" always mean "low/no flavor" when used to describe any food product. This of course is not fair.


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