Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!!!!!!

I hope y'all are having a really wonderful Easter day!!!!! After Mass this morning, I'll just be chilling out for the day. I'll try to call out to my son's because it's not only Easter, it's my eldest grandson's seventh birthday!!!!! He's an April baby like me -- his birthday falls on Easter every few years. It can be a hassle having your birthday on a holiday as any Christmas child will tell you but least Easter doesn't come on the same day every year.

Here's a photo of little Kay at age four for my first visit to the Easter Bunny -- probably at LaSalle's or The Lion Store in downtown Toledo -- two of my mother's favorite haunts back then. Since I have on my winter coat and the hat my Aunt Marion crocheted for me, I'm guessing that we were having an ugly April in Ohio just like the past week or so. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Sighhhhhh

Best wishes to all y'all as you celebrate the holiday!!!!!! I hope you do so with the ones you love best and love you best!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!


  1. HAPPY EASTER KAY!....and Happy Birthday to your grandson too.

    I hope you have a wonderful day. I'm just chilling with my two kids...Jen and big plans really. Love the pic of you and the Easter cute.

    Enjoy your day...relax and take care sweetie... Love, Joy

  2. A very happy Easter to you too, Kay! I love that photo of you.

  3. Happy Easter to you, too, Kay! I love the photo! I miss those grand old department stores. What exciting places to visit Santa and the bunny.

    Have a restful day.

  4. Happy Easter Kay!

    Like you, my birthday sometimes falls on Easter (I'm a March baby), so I know what you mean

    Hope you have a wonderful day!!

  5. Happy Easter to you. My son stopped by yesterday and we went out for dinner[Flo, too!!], and then he and his significant other went on to his girlfriend's parents house for today. I am in the small minority of people who arre not fond of holidays. Oh well, have a good day,Kay. Nice to hear from you, and I hope that things are looking up for you.

  6. Happy Easter Kay! Enjoy the day.


  7. Happy Easter, Kay! I love that photo of little you with the Easter Bunny! Sweet.

    Hope you got to chat with your son and grandson, too!

  8. Belated or upcoming, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Kay, whenever that might be!

  9. darling pix of 4-year old Kay, and the new pix on your profile. It is beautiful.
    love you

  10. That picture is adorable. You were such a pretty little girl. Was that blonde hair too?


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