Sunday, March 22, 2009

Weekend Thoughts

It's Sunday morning and I'm thinking back on the week and looking ahead to a new week. On the whole it wasn't a bad week but it wasn't a stellar one either. I'm okay with that. Next week I see Doc Smith my thyroid guy and hopefully, some decisions can be made and I can stop feeling so damned tired. I also have a round with bureaucracy scheduled which is never any fun. (I have to remember to take my panic attack meds before I begin to talk to them.)

* My paychecks from the Census Bureau are still screwed up. I know it will be straightened out eventually but in the meantime, I'm a bit short and determined not to take a nickel out of my savings. Have you ever noticed how easy it is for money to come out of your savings and how hard it is to put money into your savings? It's one of those cruel jokes of life.

* I bank online and was surprised to see a deposit for $125 credited to my checking account yesterday. I can't figure out where it's from so I tried the 800 number and got confused with all the you-know-what they wanted me to punch in so I guess I'll wait until Monday and call my branch and talk to a live person.

* Isaac was by last week and I guess he is doing okay. I miss him being around the 'hood. He told me he owes me some help around the house because he swears I overpaid him last time he helped me. What a kid!

* I actually started denting the disorder I call home. It's a miracle!!!! And I hope I can keep up the good work.

* Friday night Marcia and I went to the Cultural Center. We finally got to see the magnificent exhibit at the Art Museum. It's called "Kimono as Art: The Landscapes of Itchiku Kubota" and it is absolutely breathtaking. It's truly an honor for our little city to have it here because the only other time Kubota's work has been to the U.S. was in 1995 at The Smithsonian. What's interesting is that he uses silk kimonos as his canvas and his techniques is absolutely fascinating. I'm going back to see it again when I've more time. You can see and learn more here. Taking photos is not permitted. After we got done seeing the exhibit, we went over to the theater to see a play inspired by the exhibit. It was written, produced, and directed by Marcia's cousin who I call "the queen of local theater" as she has been involved in and promoting theater in our county seemingly forever. It was a pretty good play and we enjoyed it very much. Afterwards, we were starving -- neither of us had had dinner -- and decided to treat ourselves to good stuff. I had really wonderful crab cakes -- yum!!!!!

* Saturday night was symphony night and, as usual, it was excellent. The theme was Wagner's influences on the French composers. So the programme included Debussy, Chausson, and several others and the Overture and Venusberg music from Wagner's Tannhauser. It was a truly splendid performance. Afterward the concert, I was starving --again!-- and headed to my version of "Cheers" (everybody knows my name -- and I know theirs) for a sandwich and a beer. My friends Tim and Joe were there so I grabbed a stool by them and ordered and wound up staying a while. The conversation was, as usual, about guns but it turned to movies and comedians and actors. And a friendly argument broke out over Clint Eastwood's "Unforgiven" and I was charged with finding out who was right (Joe) since neither of the guys has a computer. Our discussions are always interesting because Joe is pushing eighty, I'm in my 60s, and Tim is in his 50s so we each represent a different point of view. The good news is we respect each other's opinions so it never gets nasty and it's always fun.

* Today I'm going over to Lynda's to drop off some stuff and get caught up on things about the neighborhood association after I run a couple errands. I'll probably wind up staying for dinner. One of these days I have to get it together and have them here because they're always feeding me.

Hope y'all have a great week ahead!!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!


  1. Sounds like you've had a rather good week. On to the next! Good luck with your thyroid. I have to keep my hormone levels regulated since mine were removed 2 years ago.

  2. That sounds like a pretty good week to me. We had a kimono exhibit here at our art museum back in the 80's. but most of them were real kimonos, stitched - not painted. Those are gorgeous!

  3. Sounds like the week wasn't too bad, and that the weekend was good. I hope your thyroid doc can get you stabilized.

    I saw this article by a favorite columnist in the Daily Breeze yesterday and thought you might identify with what Adell Shay is writing about:

  4. You have such fun friends. I don't have anyone I'd just hang out with until we eventually had dinner together! I think it sounds fun to be that close.

  5. Kay: I spent a lot of time sleeping and that isn't goods. I'll be joining you when the Doc decides what we're gonna do next.

    Judy: Yes, they are! Just telling about them doesn't do them justice. You have to see them.

    Fran: It was okay. I was tired a lot. The weekend was fun but it will take a day or so to recover.

    Marty: Yeah, I have some good people. These guys are buddies. No relationship complications.
    Tim and I go see a movie now and then but it's a Dutch treat type thing. He's 52 and has never been married and doesn't want to be. Fine by me. I'm 62 and from what I've seen I don't want a boyfriend. Friends to hang out with suit me just fine. And yeah, if I do something silly, you can rag me about it.

  6. Hmmmmm.....sounds like "the Kay" is back. I would never suspect Wagner having an influence on Debussy being such a contrast in styles. Interesting.

  7. You sound better Kay, I'm glad to hear it!

    Hang in there, good luck dealing with the doctors and the red tape!!

    Have a good one

  8. I was thinking the exact same thing as the two previous commenters. You DO sound as though you're back, Kay. Glad to note the uptone in your writing voice. The kimonos were beautiful, and the concert sounds very good too.

  9. Alice: I'm trying hard tp get my energy back and just hope the drama is over. Tomorrow I'll have a better idea of where I'm at as far as working goes. I really do need to work to keep a few things going that I enjoy -- like my car and my symphony tickets.


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