Friday, March 27, 2009

Taking the Easy Way Out

Thank God it's Saturday!!! I'm putting my mind on hold after a difficult week that bodes for difficulties next week. Sigh. Friday was a busy day starting with the trip to the doc -- grrrr I'll save that for another blog -- followed by a few errands and then a really lovely evening out which is what I want to tell y'all about.

I've mentioned my good friend Marcia's cousin, Lois, who is our local theater impresario and the excellent dinner shows we've attended in the past. Wellllllllllllllll, last night was yet another fine production and an excellent dinner. It was a Johnny Mathis tribute show and featured a really talented young man who looked and sounded just like Johnny Mathis. It also featured some other local artists from Lois' repertory company singing wonderful songs that spanned the last six decades. It was a great evening and to be honest, I needed it.

Here's a video of my favorite of Johnny Mathis' beautiful love songs. It was the theme for the 1965 (the year I graduated from high school) film "The Sandpiper" which starred Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor. I think it has some of the most gorgeous lyrics ever written. I always wanted someone who loved me like that. Sigh.
That said -- enjoy!!!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I loved that song and I loved Johnny Mathis.

  2. Beautiful, just beautiful! I love, love, love all of Johnny Mathis' songs/music. Thanks for sharing this.

    Oh! I finished high school in '65 too. I knew there was something that drew me to you and your writing.

  3. I have been crazy about Johnny since I was in school, and that is my favorite song of his.

  4. beat ya by nine years in the high school graduation thing..... that is a great song.

  5. Keep your eyes open, Kay! It could still happen.

  6. Loved the song. Loved the memories. Thanks Kay.


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