Sunday, January 25, 2009

Symphony Night

Last night I went to our outstanding Symphony's performance. I am, as some of you know, a season ticket holder. It is one of the bright spots of my usually boring life. It's a chance to get dressed up and get to see people which is a nice break from my mostly solitary existence other than work and volunteer work.

It was another deep freeze day and inspite of my leaning toward hibernation, I dragged myself to the hairdresser because instead of just having the occasional "bad hair day", I was having a "bad hair life" and she actually managed to get my baby fine locks looking good. I usually leave a hairdresser disappointed but not this time. The best part is it's easy to manage. I wish I'd had someone to take a picture because I'm told that I really looked nice.

Saturday night at the Symphony is a "puttin' on the glitz" night. The rich ladies turn out in their designer ensembles and mink coats are common -- especially on a truly frigid night like we had. I can't compete with that but I do try to make a good showing. I wore a black long-sleeved beaded lace top with a long black velvet skirt and my dressup coat: white wool with black velvet collar and cuffs accented with a hot pink scarf for a touch of pizzazz.

One of the first people I saw was Ruth Mary who is nearly 90 and was a friend of my late mother-in-law and I know her children and grandchildren. Her daughter, Paula, owns a resale shop where I shop frequently and Ruth Mary helps out there. She grinned and asked where I got such a fabulous outfit knowing full well where I bought it. I complimented her on her really lovely sable coat. I don't usually like fur coats because they're so dreadfully bulky but hers was just perfect.

The programme was excellent. It opened with Berlioz's "Roman Carnival Overture" -- a really fun piece which set the tone for our guest artist. I like Berlioz a lot usually and this performance was no exception.

Our guest artist was Naoko Takada. She is a lovely young lady who performs concert marimba and has been playing it since she was eleven years old. I'd never really heard of (much less seen) concert marimba so it was a new experience in music for me. It was amazing listening to her as she performed "Prism Rhapsody" by Keiko Abe who is considered the pioneer of concert marimba and is also Ms. Takada's teacher of many years.

I was truly amazed watching her play with five(!) mallets and at the beauty of her performance. Our orchestra's accompaniment was outstanding as they met her energy note for note. I understand why she won the Young Concert Artists Prize in 2002. Our audience, as always, was appreciative and welcoming and the post concert comments were very positive. I hope we have her come again.

After intermission, the orchestra performed Richard Strauss' "Ein Heldenleben, op. 4" which featured our handsome young concertmaster in a truly stellar performance. I hope this was taped for his resume. Then again, I don't -- I don't want to lose him. Yeah, I know that's selfish and yeah, I wish him well as this performance showed that he is destined for greater things and i wish him well. I really loved this piece -- and I think the orchestra did, too, as it was (in my opinion) their finest performances of the season. I could tell Maestro was pleased because he looked positively ecstatic at the end. We in the audience gave them a well-deserved, very enthusiastic standing ovation. It was another night that reminded me how much enjoyment I get from the investment I made in my season tickets.

Afterwards, I met my friend Linda for a sandwich and a beer after she finished her day at work at the Sheriff's department at our (and everyone else's in town) favorite neighborhood pub. It was nice because she doesn't get out much. Her husband is a paraplegic from an industrial accident and she spends most of her non-working time with him.

It was a good Saturday night. I hope all you had a good Saturday night, too!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Yours was a whole lot better than mine; spent in my recliner trying to find something worthy of sleeping to on the TV. And sleep, I did!

    I wish you had photos of yourself! I love the marimba, and you don't get to see it in concert like that often!

  2. It sounds like a perfectly lovely Saturday night. I love the idea of starting the evening all dressed up at a symphony concert and ending at a local pub for a sandwich and a beer! :-)

  3. What a lovely evening. You must get a camera with a timer so you can take your own photo at least. We would love to see your new hairdo and beautiful outfit.

  4. Sounds like a great night out Kay!

  5. You seem so glamorous, all decked out going to the symphony, Classy. You're classy.

    I've only been to the symphony once, and although I liked it, it seems expensive and a lot of trouble, and my husband is totally NOT into it, so I'd have to brave it and go alone, which means I would probably end up not going. I'd go to the effort to see a James Taylor concert, though. Is that totally unclassy?

  6. Sounds wonderful, Kay. I'm glad you liked you new "do" and know you looked mah-ve-lous. The secret to good (or pretty-good)hair for those of us who have been "blessed" with baby-fine-hair is finding and keeping the right hairdresser. Take it from another baby-hair woman, plus--if you can find-- a product called "fizzato", a super styling foam that works wonders for fine limp hair without weighting it down.

  7. I saw Evelyn Glennie playing the concert marimba a few years back on PBS. A very impressive performance by her given the fact that she is almost totally deaf.

    I'm not familiar with the Strauss piece but Berlioz I dig. He wrote a helluva fine arrangement of the French national Anthem.


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