Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Kay's Wonderful World of Weird Words #7

I'm far and away overdue to do this post as I have a serious backlog of weird words to share with y'all. I am going to try very hard to make this a monthly feature. If I don't y'all, can rag on me for breaking a New Year's resolution and won't that be fun?

alienist: n., psychiatrist. This kind of makes sense. It comes from the French word, aliene, which means 'insane'. Therefore an alienist is a doctor who treats the insane. It's sort of a tossup as to which sounds better: "I have to see my alienist." or "I have to see my psychiatrist." Either way, people will think you're nuts.

elozable: adj., amenable to flattery. I like this word. We are all elozable. It's only human and helps keep us away from the alienist.

frigorific (frig-uh-RIFF-ik): adj.; causing cold. chilling. From the Latin word "frigus", this is a perfect January word. It sounds vaguely obscene and illustrates what I think of winter. On a cold day, you can stick your head out the door and say, "Good Lord, honey, it's freakin' frigorific out here!"

scapegrace (SKAYP-grayss): n.; an incorrigible rascal. My question is this: have you ever known a rascal who wasn't incorrigible? However, I do like this word a lot. Given my circle of acquaintance, I can make good use of this word.

bifurcate (BYE-fer-kayt): v.; to divide or cause to divide into two branches or parts. The illusionist seemingly bifurcated the lady in the box. Sounds a lot nicer than "sawed her in half", doesn't it?

Hope I increased your vocabulary and gave y'all a giggle or two!!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Hmmm.....maybe that's where "frigging" came from? It means cold? LOL

    Mr. kenju is elozable, and he is a scapegrace!!

    I probably need the alienist and I'm frigid, so......

  2. I like this! Great idea for a monthly post.

  3. I had a scapegrace once that required my seeing an alienist. Love those words!

    Check out my friend Jessica's blog ( She's from Ohio, an OSU alum, and a major Buckeyes fan ... and she's now living in Houston.

  4. I love your use of the word frigorific! I'll wait for a cold day in Miami to use that one. :)

    The Alienist...sounds like a good name for a horror movie about a psychiatrist who is out his mind.

  5. I love these! Alienist makes me think of a psychiatrist emerging from someone's chest!

    Okay, I'm posting this link on my "ILYB" today.

  6. I learned some new words today.

    Bear((( )))

  7. Good words; I especially like frigorific. Rhymes with terrific.

  8. "Good Lord, honey, it's freakin' frigorific out here!"......hahahah

    Here right now its "here comes more freakin frigorific snow"

  9. Alienist ?

    No wonder very few recognise my blog's name ;-)

  10. Wonderful. I knew a couple of the words but I will make sure scapegrace enters my day to day vocabulary

  11. I too love frigorific. Although, it is difficult to use the word here for Southern California weather. I am usually complaining about the heat. Is there a antonym for frigorific?

  12. There actually is a historical thriller novel out there called "The Alienist." It's by Caleb Carr, and was on the bestseller list for a long time back around 1994. That one, and his sequel "The Angel of Darkness" are pretty read-worthy.

    Good list, and Happy Blogversary!

  13. Good post. You've increased my vocabulary, but could you increase my capacity to remember them while you're at it?

  14. Granny Annie sent me and I'm really glad! I love this idea, and who knows..some of your words may find themselves on my Scrabble board!


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