Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Random Thank God It's Saturday Thoughts

It's been quite a week for the Obamas and it was quite a week for me (I think the Obamas had more fun than I did) but I weathered it -- both literally and figuratively!!!!! I'm just glad I'm off until Wednesday and will, hopefully, get some rest.

* Speaking of Obama, I thoroughly enjoyed the Inauguration and think he's off to a pretty good start. I think the operative phrase is "hit the ground running", don't you? No, he's not going to be perfect but he looks to be working hard and being open in his activities. Good stuff!!!!!

* Yesterday we were above freezing in the balmy upper 30s. Today it's back to Ice Station Zebra -- with temperature in negative numbers tonight. Have I mentioned that I'm tired of winter?

* Here's my I Ching reading from yesterday: Kuai: Decision,Now you can finally take that decision which puts an end to your hostile and unfavorable situation. Remember that it'll be enough for you to make the first step, the rest will come alone. Take this opportunity and correct once and for all everything which is not right around you. (I like it -- the trick is figuring out which hostile situation I need to fix first and how I go about it.)

* Miss Ruby is finished with the car doctor -- for now -- and she seems happy. I thought the rattle sounded similar to the one she had last month that cost me four hundred fifty bucks. It was *only* two hundred fifty bucks but Nick says she looks pretty good and should be okay for a while. (From his lips to God's ear!)

* I'm finally remembering to publicly say thank you to my good friend Joy of Six for honoring me with the Van Gogh's Ear Award. It means a great deal to me because Van Gogh is one of my favorite painters -- his "Irises" hangs above my computer. I am sharing this honor and passing it on to Steph at Incurable Insomniac, Marty of TravelinOma's Library, Amy at An Authentic Life, The Limerick Savant, Jan at Life in Westcliffe, Mary at Mary Contrary's Blog, Alice at My Wintersong, Ell at Pomegranate Tiger, Suzz at Suzzwords, Parapluie at Umbrella Painting Journal, Dave at Five String Guitar, Fran at Sacred Ordinary and M.E. at XtremeEnglish.

* I got in to see the managing doc at the clinic where I go because I was unhappy with my doctor. These people aren't used to being questioned about treatment. It wasn't fun and I still don't have a proper answer but I agreed to go to Occupational Therapy an you can bet I'll be raising hell if they're as stupid as the doctors have been in understanding my concerns with this. We're talking about my only good arm here and I'm sure as hell not going to do anything that might make anything worse. I think these doctors at the clinic are used to no one questioning them. Guess what? I don't care. It's my body and I'm gonna raise hell when I think they're wrong.

* The program through which I'm employed is raising hell because I haven't gotten a job in the real world and some of the thongs said to me can only be described as abusive. The main thing they tell me is that I'm well qualified and should get hired. Right. I'm almost 62 and only type with one hand in a county that's losing jobs daily. They plan to move me to another job at the end of next month (doing data entry -- yikes! Ugh!) because I've been with Jeff too long. Neither of us is happy. Trust me when I tell you that I'm not going down without a fight. I will be making an appointment with my Congressman or one of his minions on Monday. I found out from a couple of the other women in the program that they're getting a load of you-know-what, too. This is elder abuse plain and simple and I'm going down fighting. I might even drop Obama a note.

* Yesterday morning was my appointment with the endocrinologist and I really like him a lot. I don't get to see him often but when I do, it's all good. He is extremely thorough and actually listens and takes time with his patients. What a concept!!!!! I think my Internist needs to take lessons from him. I've a whole bunch of tests scheduled for the beginning of the week and I hope my thyroid problem finally gets settled. He also decided that I need a bone density test which I've thought I needed for a while because I fit the profile for osteoporosis but no one would listen. I'm going to be a busy girl.

* From my Cool Stuff department: I discovered at the grocery that an Ohio dairy has come up with a new flavor of ice cream. It's called Buckeye Blitz after you-know-who if you read here a lot. It's chocolate ice cream with a peanut butter swirl and mini-buckeye candies. Serious yum!

* Tonight is a night at the symphony. What a lovely way to end a wretched week! I like the idea of getting dolled up (as much as the old gal can) and hearing glorious music and dining with friends afterward. I plan to get there early for what they call the prelude where Maestro discusses the programme -- it's really an education in music appreciation that he offers with wit and style. Definitely good stuff!!!!

Hope y'all are enjoying a great weekend!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!


  1. Ah, Kay, Van Gogh's ear for me? Thank you so much, it's quite an honor!

    As to the "challenges" you have ahead of you, I wish you much luck but success will come through your own efforts. You're right to continue to fight though! I'm in a situation with a local optical chain because I've been trying unsuccessfully since Dec. 1 to get a proper Rx and glasses. Either the Rx or the fitting is wrong and they make me feel it's the old hag in me that likes to complain...I suspect I didn't need new glasses at all and said as much to the optometrist, but I'm pretty sure the size of his paycheck depends on dispensing new glasses (!) even if the client doesn't need them. No money back, either. So I think we made a big ($300) mistake by not going to an opthomologist in the first place--we tried to save money cuz we don't have eye coverage in our insurance. What should have been a simple eye exam is going to cost me in the end a total of $500 to $700 because we were trying to be frugal. UGHHHHHHH!

  2. Kay, thank you for the award. I don't recall receiving one before (at least not since uni days)!

    Sounds like you've had quite the week. I have no idea what it must be like to fight HMOs and clinic bureaucracy. Our biggest complaint here is the wait times for surgery and to see the best specialists, but once in, the recommended treatment is the treatment.

  3. Hah Vincent .He gave a whole new meaning to lend me an ear. Love the Don McLean song.Going to the Symphnony is is mighty fine the wife and I have done that a number of times then took in the Jays game before we went home.

  4. Hi, Kay. Thanks for the award. My first. I share your frustration with the job market and am very glad I don't have to deal with agency types who can't seem to understand the situation.


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