Friday, December 12, 2008

The Friday Groaner!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kent McKamy of kentsusdrive sent along a excellent groaner with a little known piece of "historical" (or is that hysterical?) trivia that should give y'all a really good groooaaannn to help you through your holiday shopping!!!!! Enjoy!

You probably knew that George Washington had a really bad set of wooden teeth, BUT, did you know that in the Winter of 1777, while he was riding horseback from Philadelphia to Trenton, his horse shied and Washington fell off and, unfortunately, The Father of Our Country's bad choppers were dislodged. A farmer was pushing a cart of produce along the road and ran over the teeth virtually destroying them. The farmer, whose name was Silas Benson, will forever be known as . . .

. . . the first man to drive over the George Washington Bridge.


Happy Blogging!!!!!!



  1. You've got my prolonged groan.

  2. Cute. I hope you're feeling better.

  3. OK, I did not know where this one was going. It works!

  4. Thank you. The groan, and laugh that went with it, were definitely needed.

  5. Hmmm, maybe we can think of a way to use this when we go to the "Washington crossing the Delaware" rehearsal this weekend.

    On the other hand, we may be asked to leave... groan...

  6. Te he he...a perfect groaner to survive the coming weekend.

  7. Ha! So you're feeling better?? My phone hasn't rang/rung/ringed?

  8. Aww Kay that is terrible! More please....

  9. Nancy4:28 PM

    Good one, Kent!!!!

    I never saw it coming.

    They will be recreating the crossing of the Delaware this Christmas,as usual, and I have sent for a large tube of Fixodent for George's wooden teeth.

    Now that I think about it, maybe I should have ordered Epoxy.

  10. Anonymous4:29 AM

    I bring the epoxy so he can eatt C-mas dinner. More ,please

  11. that deserves a giant groan! loved it, thanks for the laugh

  12. This would be funnier if I didn't need a new crown myself, which I can't afford. I may have to resort to whittling some teeth out of wood!


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