Sunday, December 14, 2008

Jack Asks an Excellent Question

(No, I'm not really feeling much better but I'm working on it despite others' best efforts. I'm trying to keep up with the groaners but writing is difficult along with a lot of other things. I'm posting this because I really found the question interesting and wondered what all y'all thought. )

My hero, Jack Cafferty, asks an really good question regarding what Obama should be doing right now since that seems to be an issue with some folks. I think that he doesn't take office until next month so should probably let the current resident of the White House do his job. And people wonder why he's having trouble quitting smoking. Sheesh!

So what do y'all think? I'd like to hear your answers!!!

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  1. Barack Obama should cherish every one of these remaining 36 days (yeah, who's counting, I can't imagine, snort...) as one more little opportunity to prepare, since he will have to hit the ground running on January 21st (leaving one day to party).

    Back in 2001, after 9/11, when everyone was screaming at Bush to "bomb the hell out of them," he made one statement that sounded intelligent (perhaps penned by someone else). He said, paraphrasing, that the terrorists had taken all the time they needed to plan and execute these attacks; they did not rush it. Our military should follow their example in at least that one regard and strike when we are fully prepared to do so with maximum effectiveness. Of course, back then, it was understood that we'd be attacking Afghanistan, where it would do some good -- but I digress.

    Obama should follow that same strategy. Prepare like mad, consult with the right people, get it down where everyone's on the same page, rest as much as he can, and then "give it da zingo," as my dad would have said, after he takes office. Not before. Trying to plan for the job and do the job at the same time would be a massive waste. And yes, Barney Frank ought to shut the heck up.

  2. At the end of the day there is one President of the United States. Today, and until Obama's inauguration, that will be George W. Bush or his constitutional successor.
    Even though we don't respect the man, we must respect the office.
    Barney Frank knows better and theatrics are counter-productive.

  3. The Onion has a perfect solution: Al Gore for the last six weeks...check it out

  4. "should probably let the current resident of the White House do his job."

    He hasn't been doing it or doing it well for years - so why should he start now?

  5. Hope you're feeling better soon.

    First of all, if I'd known Obama was still smoking I wouldn't have voted for him. Seriously, I am disappointed with someone of his age and intelligence still sucking cancer sticks plus they aren't dollar cheap these days. Been there, done that.

    I've seen more than enough laryngeal, throat, tongue, lip, mouth, nose, facial, lung cancer patients from smokers and spitters with swallowing, eating, chewing and gasping breathing problems in my work to feel a sense of distress that my newly elected President is subjecting himself, his family and us to the possible consequences of his behavior.

    Jack asks a good question. Unfortunately, we're stuck with the current legal President we have. Obama would be foolish to try to do any more than he already is even if there is much that needs doing. Clearly he is preparing plans with his own incoming administrators.

    Frank has had some pertinent points, but I think he would be well-advised to be more low key. On the other hand, maybe it's the press who are blowing up what he has to say for their own attention-grabbing purposes, including Jack.

    I agree Congress and the present President are the ones that should take meaningful actions, but instead I expect their efforts are to generate their own agenda in behind the scenes actions contrary to what the majority of American voters have said they support i.e. environmental issues.

  6. I am as frustrated as anyone with our current (mal)Administration but do not think that Obama should get any more deeply involved in governance than he already has. He is laying the ground work for his own administration and speaking out, as any citizen has the right to, on politically important issues. And, for those who may have forgotten, we still have the old congress in place. The new congress with a larger democratic majority doesn't come in for another three weeks. Every now and then I feel just like the buzzards in the old cartoon sitting on the limb of a dead tree and surveying a dead desert around them. 'Patience Hell!! I want to go out and KILL something.' We need to have patience because we are near the end of the Bush desert. Who knows what will come next??

  7. hope you are feeling better soon. A lot of rough stuff going around.

    As for Obama, I am trying to not think about it more than necessary. It was always more about getting rid of Bush and not having Palin continue his work than just Obama; and this last week or so has reminded me again and again how awful Bush is on every level.

    I have heard Obama is down to a cigarette once in awhile which won't kill him but also won't totally free him. He's still a relatively young man; so he has time to kick it totally. Some smoke their whole lives and never have a health problem from it. The stress of his presidency is probably going to do more to undermine his health than the nicotine


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