Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Buckeye Update

The poster above adorns the office building of The Columbus Dispatch. I love it!!!! The sheer joy it expresses is simply terrific and shows Buckeye Fever is alive and rampant for post-season play!!!! Bet y'all thought I was all done with football. No way! My Buckeyes had a lot to do: take exams, go collect awards (Coach Tressel and the guys picked up a few), and wait to see where we would be going for a bowl game. I think our guys were hoping for the Rose Bowl because they wanted retribution for their not so nice loss earlier in the season against the Trojans.

Penn State got the nod for that and I will be cheering for them. I'm a Big Ten kind of gal. (Heck! I even support Michigan in the Rose Bowl!) And I really respect Joe Paterno -- he's in his 80s and I think he was coaching winning seasons in Happy Valley when I was in college forty years ago! 'Sides my cousin (and childhood runnin' buddy) went to school there so I'll be watching and cheering for the Nittany Lions on New Year's Day.

On January 5, 2009, Our beloved Buckeyes of The Ohio State University at #10 will meet the #3 University of Texas Longhorns in the Fiesta Bowl in Scottsdale, Arizona. I think it's a safe bet that my good friends Cowtown Pattie and Claudia will be hollering "Hook 'em 'Horns!!!" while I holler "Gooooooooo Bucs!!!!" It should be a good game. Numbers and rankings go out the window in a bowl game. They take football as seriously in Texas as we do in Ohio so anything can happen and probably will. Texas will be looking for blood -- the last they met the Buckeyes, they were handily defeated. Sorry gals, but I hope they do it again just as I know y'all want to see the Longhorns with a victory.

Here's a video of both teams' seasons. It's gonna be a good one, folks!!!!!!

Goooooooooooooooooo Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!



  1. Read today about the Detroit Lions and their place in NFL history for being the first team to NOT win any games this season.
    0-16 and they fired the coach.
    Maybe they should have also fired the whole team.

    Bear((( )))

  2. Sorry, Kay but I've never quite understood football much to the consternation of my family of Bears and Illini fans. I wish your team good luck, though.

  3. Kay, I wish you could live 24/7 in Buckeye world. Football seems to be the happiest place for you and your enthusiasm shines through your posts. If they need a full time public relations mascot I'll be happy to write you a letter of recommendation!

  4. I've followed the Buckeyes over the years going as far back as Woody (Four yards and a cloud of dust ) Hayes,besides some Canadian lads have played for that team in the past. Go Bucks!!

    Love big time college football


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