Sunday, November 09, 2008

Quick Note: All Right Already!!!

Those of you who are my friends in the blogosphere can just ignore this post!

The Kay is pretty damned upset. She wants to know how or why her blog has become a place for conservative hate spewers to post their links. These people. apparently disgruntled racists Republicans, don't appear to (probably too lazy or think they're too good) to have a blog of their own, keep posting links here and I am DONE with that!!!!!!

As an independent, I pride myself on being fair and when I see/hear something that might show a different viewpoint than mine or perhaps give me pause to rethink my position, I post it as I did with the link to Michelle Malkin's blog. Frankly, I think her blog is a trash pit but even a stopped clock is right twice a day and once in a great while she might even post something that could possibly be worthwhile amid the venom. But I digress.

I am announcing that I will no longer allow you to post your hateful links, you idiots. This is MY blog and MY opinions. Get your own blog and post your links there. When I want to see what the hatemongers are up to, I have better sources than you've provided and so do my friends.

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!

A Not so Happy Kay


  1. AMEN! Do comment verification for a while, Kay, and maybe that will get rid of them.

  2. I do, Judy, but I tried to be fair and allowed a couple and then I got inundated each more hateful or stupid and got mad.

    I deleted the ones I allowed.

  3. one thing that really turns my stomach is the "fair and balanced" b.s. that the neocons have come up with to get their crap into the public discourse. by that i mean they give LIES equal time and space with the truth. we've been suckered into agreeing with them on this lest we be considered "unfair." nonsense. it's not even close to fair. a rat is still a rat, no matter how often you compare it with a squirrel. good for you for taking a stand on this, kay!!

  4. You go, girl! Remember, though: Whatever you post on the blogosphere, unless it's open to invited guests only, is there for anyone to read. The sad thing is those "always right" people feel compelled to share their "right" opinions. (As if you or anyone else really cares what they think.)

    BTW, the groaner about the lion ... that's a keeper. Thanks for the laugh.

  5. Hi, Kay,

    It is unfortunate that some people think they have a right to intimidate or demean others who don't share their opinions. As you say it is your blog and your opinions. If they want to express their opinions they can do so on their own. If they want to disagree with you let them do it politely. If they can't there is always the delete button. Love the groaners. I read them to mom and we both have a good laugh. Keep it up.

  6. Two great minds... As soon as I saw your "my blog and my opinion" I had to dig up this post from November 15, 2007, entitled *ta-dah* "My Blog, My Opinion":

  7. hey good for you!!! I have gotten those same comments with links, posted them, and felt the same thing you did. Get their own blogs damnitall! It is spam and if we wanted the links, we can find them ourselves. I finally did say that any comment that didn't relate to the subject would be trashed, but that fairness thing has made me reluctant to just delete when I don't like where the link goes. Your courage is inspiring my courage!

  8. M.E.: Thank you for your support! I don't mind people disagreeing but if they have a link they want me to consider, my email addy is in the sidebar. If they want to disagree, they can and it's my discretion to allow it. What they were doing is using MY space to promote their agenda without without having the cojones to defend it. Not here they don't.

    Amy: What I said to M.E. and I do care what they think because it keeps me aware of the problems we're facing with becoming united as a country. Glad you liked the GOTW!!! It's a great one!!!

    Mary: Thank you!!!! I got inundated with their stuff -- hence this rant. Trying to play fair here is difficult. I was taught to look at both sides of issues and I do. These people are so narrow-minded they can't see beyond their noses (which they stick in everybody else's business). And yeah, delete is a good thing. A rule I try to follow that borrowed from AQ is if I won't allow it in my living room, why would I allow it here? This is my home in the blogosphere. I'm glad you and your mom love my groaners. They my comic relief from the big bad world. I accept "donations" for The Friday Groaner if you have one you would like to share.

    Hughes ap: I like the post and mostly agree. If you saw some of the things I've disallowed, you would understand why.

  9. Good for you, girl! Those neocons think everyone's blog is oipen to them. On a lighter note, here is a good one:

  10. Well, Hmmmmmmm.
    The blogosphere is a place for opinions and skewed news but you can surely edit out what you want.

    This is your blog.


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