Monday, October 06, 2008

Update & a Couple Notes

I woke up this morning feeling like hell and decided that I had best make a list and do all the essential errands before I headed to the doctor. It seems I have an upper respiratory infection. It explains why I haven't felt well. I went to the doc and he gave me a scrip and told me to rest (what's that?) today and tomorrow and that I could go back to work on Wednesday. When I went to pick up my scrip for antibiotics, I stopped by for my favorite thing to eat when I am ill: Wonton soup and egg rolls from my fav takeout. I call it Chinese penicillin and it works a treat. Even better, it's right next door to my pharmacy. Cool, huh?

* One of best and most intelligent pieces I've read on the passing of the bailout bill can be read
here in Congressman Ron Paul's weekly column. I like Ron even if I don't agee with him 100% but he does love the Constitution and often makes a great deal of sense. It angers me that our letters and emails to our senators and congressmen fell on deaf ears and that makes me very cranky. Bush's scare tactics worked and that, my friends, is so very sad.

* Last night I ignored not feeling well and attended the opening of our symphony's season. With what it costs for my season tickets (my favorite present to moi), I have to be in the hospital or dead to miss a single minute. It was a wonderful programme that opened with Leonard Bernstein's overture from Candide -- a whimsical delight! Next was Beethoven's Violin Concerto in D Major, Opus 61 featuring the beautiful, nationally acclaimed violinist,
Jennifer Frautschi, who received a standing ovation from our appreciative audience. I was interested in her violin because it was made by Antonio Stradivarius when he was in his 90s as those of us who attended the "prelude" -- where Maestro Zimmerman discussed the programme -- learned before the concert began. It's always a wonderful learning experience. After Intermission, the orchestra presented an excellent interpretation of Brahm's Symphony No. 2 in D Major, Opus 73 -- forty minutes of pure beauty. I'm no music critic but I loved this programme and if it's an indication of things to come, it's going to be an awesome season!!!!

* I posted this Jack Cafferty video a while back and I think it bears repeating although Hillary's out of the race. It points out our weaknesses as citizens and calls John McCain exactly what he is. Whaddaya think?

Happy Blogging!!!!!!!!



  1. Hopefully you will start feeling better soon Kay.
    And there is nothing better than some good old comfort food when you are ill.
    My comfort food is soft boiled eggs with soldier toast.
    Bear((( )))

  2. Kay, I hope you feel better soon. No use both of us being sick. Mine's a virus.

    My comfort food is eggs, too, Bear, but I don't know what soldier toast is.

  3. Bear: Thanks!!!!!

    Judy: Thanks!!! I hope you do, too!!! Being sick is the pits!!!

    Just guessing but I think soldier toast is what we call dry toast like our moms gave us with chicken soup.

  4. Kay, you have to buy some Rock and Rye ... seriously!

  5. An excellent program; I love the Beethoven violin concerto, especially. And my comfort food is hot and sour soup.

    Sorry to hear about your health. Take it easy and rest!

  6. Amy: LOL I need to feel like heasing to the liquor store!!

    Steph: Frautschi played it wonderfully! Our maestro is pretty amazing we get some excellent performers as guests.

    Hot and sour soup works too -- it clears sinuses. You take it easy, too! Thyroid problems are a you-know-what. I have them too.

  7. Pobrecita! Doncha hate upper respiratory infections? Make you feel bad all over.

    I adore Bernstein's Candide. Played a concert band version in college, and saw the entire production on PBS many years ago. Delightful music, indeed!

    Feel better!


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